Hey CC!

Exciting updates in our quest to review and RE-new the Office of Financial Aid – Phase I, student lunches hosted by Dean Schaffler of FinAid, has been completed! We are not toward the end of Phase II- a survey allowing us to gather quantitative data about the services the Financial Aid Office provides. We have 35% participation so far so look in your inboxes and fill out that survey! It takes 20 minutes and you may just win a free iPad… Phase III, beginning in April, will consist of a series of focus groups run by the Financial Aid Office. We’re trying to target as many people as possible so keep an eye out for that! We could not have taken on this review without all of your enthusiasm and participation – SO THANK YOU.

Finally, The Financial Aid Office’s “Common Cents Project” – promoting financial literacy amongst CC/SEAS students, is underway! Join them on Tuesday 6:00-7:30 Wien Lounge to hear Dean Valentini speak about ways to be smart with money.

Questions? contact [email protected]  Have a great week!

Karishma Habbu