1. SGO Revamp: Working in tandem with the other councils and stakeholders, I developed a proposal for the space that will hopefully turn an underutilized room into one that will foster productivity, creativity, and relaxation. By expanding the space available for student group storage, adding two additional meeting rooms, and moving in more lounge furniture, I hope the SGO can become a better functioning space for all students.
  2. New meeting styles: I implemented a series of new meeting styles, including issue-specific town halls, canvassing, and more student outreach. While the initial non-mandatory clause was downvoted by the council, the meetings this semester have been a marked improvement over last semester’s, with increased non-council student turnout, better discussion, and more focused conversations.
  3. I also worked with and supported council members on various specific tasks, including Karishma on Financial Aid, Senators on Morningside Student Space Initiative, Kevin on [email protected], and the Policy Committee on multiple initiatives.
  4. I also sent emails that everyone loves/hates to read on Saturdays at midnight.


  1. Conflict of Interest Policy: CCSC instituted in their by-laws a conflict of interest policy, where members are asked to abstain from a vote that they are partial to, such as a funding vote that deals with a club or organization they belong to.
  2. Student Group Screen Policy: Student groups are now able to digitally flyer by using screens in residence halls to advertise their events
  3. Resolution on Student Space in Lerner: CCSC called for more space for students in Lerner that was not dedicated to groups or meetings, but for recreation.
  4. Resolution on Ferris Booth Staircase: CCSC called for the replacement of the staircase in Ferris Booth Commons, which was seen as dangerous to both students and staff.           

Student Services

  1. Conducted a holistic review of the Financial Aid Office and its processes via a 3 step assessment: 1) Student lunches with the Dean of Financial Aid 2) Survey (drafted by student + Deans) sent to all students on financial aid 3) Focus Groups. Based on this information, recommendations to the office will be drafted at the end of the semester.
  2. Promoted and helped establish the Student Wellness Project Fall 2011
  3. Began conversations with SACBO regarding Online E-forms and review of the SACBO office’s processes – Those are both very much ongoing discussions

Academic Affairs

  1. Implemented a formal bureaucratic procedure to allow any student with finals on December 23rd to reschedule them.
  2. Initiated talks on the creation of an online waitlist system for classes, to be implemented after the full transition to New Courseworks.
  3. Expedited the creation of the AR grade in order to hasten grade submission and establish a fairer final grading process.
  4. Created a student task force to discuss policies aimed at promoting academic integrity at Columbia.


  1. Formalized Joint Council Co-Sponsorship process, streamlining bureaucracy for student groups and enhancing collaboration between Councils.
  2. [email protected] made into a dynamic and collaborative process between Councils and Governing Boards.
  3. Reinitiated, revamped, and expanded the Student Project Grants initiative, receiving over forty complete applications after a strong publicity campaign, and accepting thirteen.

Campus Life

  1. CU Healthy Living Part I: Collaborating with the CU Art of Living Club as well as Alice!, CPS and CU Dining, we held a large yoga class in which students were able to relax and destress. A free healthy dinner was provided after the class and representatives from CPS and CU Dining spoke to us about maintaining mental, emotional and physical health.
  2. CCSC <3s You: This event was meant to provide a space for students to hang out, enjoy each others company while also enjoying a free dinner and awesome performances from their peers. We collaborated with “Capitol” and “Middle C”, a subset of “Ace of Cake”.
  3. CU Healthy Living Part II
  4. College Days 2012
    • Activism in Columbia College
    • JJ’s Pub
    • Athletics at Columbia: Soccer Tournament
    • Media and Columbia: Movie screening
  5. Plaza Party
  6. Butler Surprise! Part 2


  1. Student Group Leadership Summit: The 2012 Leadership Summit was held on January 20th in Low Library, and brought together 110 student leaders from across Columbia’s undergraduate community. The summit involved conversations with administrators like Dean Kevin Shollenberger and Dean Monique Rinere, and focused on collaboration between groups.
  2. Released multiple videos: The Communications Committee produced a video about the Center for Student Advising, in order to introduce students to some of the advisers and the cool services offered. In addition, we released a video to advertise the Student Project Grants sponsored by the Funding committee.
  3. Outreach to Students and Groups: We spearheaded the advertising for CCSC’s various Sunday night town halls, on issues like housing and the Core curriculum. We also emailed every student group at Columbia to compile a list of grievances or complaints, so that we could re-work and revise our Policy Committee’s goals.

2015 Class Council

  1. Peer Advising: Members of CCSC 2015 pioneered the establishment of a peer advising system at Columbia in conjunction with the Center for Student Advising. Peer Advisers will be available beginning at NSOP in the fall of 2012.
  2. Student Art Initiative: Meetings with Scott Wright and Dean Martinez have led to the creation of a Student Art Advisory Board that will allow us to decide how to bring student art exhibitions into Lerner and residence halls.
  3. Class Events: This semester, the 2015 class council has put on the Cosmic Rave, Winter Wonderland, and Dinosaur BBQ with Dean Martinez. We have also begun a series of “Freshman Weeklies” meant to engage the class without major time commitments.

2014 Class Council

  1. CC’14 T-shirts: The class of 2014 fought for their class t-shirt design after being told that it could not feature any kind of lion on it due to trademark issues. A design brought forth by SEAS’14 last year was rejected for the same reason. The council went to Athletics, Honey Sue Fishman, Columbia general counsel, and Dean Martinez to work out the issue. At the end of the two-week selling period, nearly 500 shirts had been pre-ordered!
  2. Bagels in Bed with CC’14: The council woke up bright and early to deliver freshly baked Nussbaum bagels to sophomores from McBain to Harmony Hall, replete with cream cheese. Huge success the 300-bagel limit was reached within a day of the order form being sent out.
  3. Pie-eating contest study break: People liked eating pie and winning free tickets to see Boys Noize, in McBain lounge with cider and fresh popcorn for maximum exposure.
  4. Major Advising Event: The council teamed up CCE and CSA to bring the sophomore class the largest ever Major Advising Event. With hundreds of empanadas, students, advisers, Linkedin, Lionshare etc in Roone, sophomores were able to get insight into their majors, internships, careers and more.
  5. Other events included Roadtrip Nation, the Columbia College Alumni-Sponsored Student Internship Program, Housing Q&A with Head of Housing Joyce Jackson, Cat Disco Rave, GHR Concrete Jungle Cocktail Party and more, with a lot more events coming up in the last few weeks of school!

2013 Class Council

  1. Junior Week
    • Monday: Pizza in the dorms: We gave out 40 pies across the dorms with a high population of Juniors. Very successful; many juniors got together and congregated in the hall lounges.
    • Tuesday: Meet your Major: 50 Juniors met in Wien Lounge for major specific conversation and free sushi. We compiled a list of the easiest electives for the rising seniors and had a round of trivia.
    • Wednesday: Tank top Handout: Distributed most of the tank tops. A number of students took their picture in their tank tops in front of the screen we set up.
    • Junior Formal: See main point 2.
    • “Come Hang Out Over Breakfast” Bagels: Purchased 120 bagels and gave them out on the Sundial. Good turnout.
  2. Formal at Hudson Terrace: 250 Juniors partying at Hudson Terrace. Very popular; sold out quickly. Well received, the food was great and so far it sounds like everyone had a really great time. Simon Herzog DJ’d and it ran extraordinarily smoothly.
  3. Tank Tops: Sold 165 Party Lion Party tank tops; still hearing back from people hoping we will sell more tank tops—may have to place another order for extras
  4. Juniors Go… Planned a number of free events. Has been very well received but not very well attended; the highest attendance was to Juniors Go…Jogging, with 10 people. Hopefully for the rest of the semester we will be able to draw more people to the events.
  5. Juniors for Juniors: April 5th, Advising is paying for $500 worth of  cheesecake for Juniors to look at their DARS reports.

2012 Class Council

  1. Senior Tailgate: Basketball Edition: The Senior Tailgate was held in the blue gym of Dodge fitness center before the final Men’s basketball game of the season on March 3rd. Over 200 seniors in CC and SEAS attended the event, which featured beer, pizza and free Columbia beanies for the first 150 students who came. Students were able to sit and mingle with friends, there was a station set up where they could make signs to take into the game, and music was playing. Overall, people stayed at the tailgate until it ended, and then the majority went into Levien gym to watch the basketball game. Afterwards, students told us they thought the event was really unique and that they had had a great time.
  2. Senior Breakfast: The Senior Breakfast was held in the Broadway Sky Lounge on Friday, March 30th. There was a great turnout; more than 100 seniors in CC and SEAS attended and almost all stayed for a half hour or more. There were tables and chairs where people could sit to eat and hang out with friends. The food consisted of bagels, hot breakfast foods such as sausage and eggs, fresh fruit and coffee. Our impression was that people really enjoyed themselves and appreciated being able to have a relaxed meal before starting their day.
  3. Words of Wisdom: We hosted a senior lecture series with esteemed Columbia faculty including Professor de Bary and Professor Foner. We have about two more lectures planned for the rest of the semester. Each event had an assortment of foods from Baked by Melissa Cupcakes to Westside wraps. Around 30 to 50 students attended each of the lectures, and we received positive feedback from them afterwards.
  4. Sink or Swim: We had a swim test party for all of the procrastinating seniors to fulfill their swim test requirement. There was a raffle for an iPod shuffle, as well as sliders and fries from Mel’s Burger Bar. About 40 students attended the event, although some had already completed the requirement and just came for the food.
  5. Last Call: NYC: Every week, three fun and mostly free activities or sites to see are posted on the CCSC 2012 Facebook page. One uptown, one downtown, and one out of town location. The idea is to get seniors to explore the city and experience something new in their last few weeks before graduating.
  6. Senior Gala: The sold out event brought 500 dressed-up students into Roone for a night of dancing and chocolate fondue. Spicy Special kept everyone on their feet, although there were tables set up on the sides of the room for people to mingle and chat. An assortment of tasty hors d’oeuvres was provided, as well as a very popular chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows to dip into.

University Senate

    1. Gmail: The Senate successfully complete its initiative to trantionsition students to Gmail.
    2. MSSI: Launched survey on student space needs for the Morningside campus. Report forthcoming.
    3. Course Evaluations: Final stages of report by SAC. Wide-scale advocacy for the initiative. Townhall meeting in the coming weeks.
    4. Communications Policy: Co-sponsored initiative with the Structure and Operations Committee to enable Senators to email their electorate to promote engagement and transparency.
    5. ROTC: Two SAC members are on the Provost’s advisory committee.
    6. Consensual Relationship Policy: Successfully passed a new policy holding faculty accountable for removing themselves from positions of authority when in consensual relationships with students.