Due to Hurricane Sandy, the deadline for the Capital Investment Fund has been extended to Friday, Nov. 9, at 11:59 pm. 

Does your student group face financial difficulties because of high overhead costs? Has your club struggled to save up enough funding for necessary big-ticket investments? Need to overhaul your equipment or update your gear? Apply to the Capital Investment Fund, a new fund created this year by the four student councils for groups like yours!

Such groups only need an injection of supplemental funds every 3-5 years for revamping now-outdated equipment or technology in order to remain modern, effective, and/or safe. Hypothetical examples might include Columbia TV’s need to purchase new cameras or Columbia Kayaking’s need to replace their boats for safety reasons.

The student councils believe that targeting our resources towards these specific and often-overlooked needs will increase the effectiveness of our financing.

To apply, fill out the application and email it to the fund chair, Uchechi Iteogu, at [email protected]. Questions and comments can also be directed to Uchechi. A committee of council finance representatives, governing board members, and relevant administrators will make final decisions. Good luck!