On Wednesday, November 14th, CCSC 2015 partnered with ESC 2015, CCSC 2016, ESC 2016 and Ben & Jerry’s to bring DJ’s & BJ’s to Columbia University! 2015 Vice President Julia Jarrett worked closely with Sibel Berberoglu of Ben & Jerry’s to provide 1,200 FREE servings of Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Snack” flavor for Columbia students. Ben & Jerry’s kindly offered to bring not only ice cream, but a full display in Lerner Hall’s Broadway Room where CC 2015 DJ’s Sinjihn Smith and Henry Green kept the crowd moving and munching with their amazing performances! Needless to say, the event was an enormous success, generating a line that spanned the length of Lerner Hall. In just over an hour, we served all 1,200 servings of Late Night Snack! See more details and photos on CCSC 2015, ESC 2015, CCSC 2016, and ESC 2016′s Facebook pages!