CCSC 2016 and ESC 2016 are proud to introduce the new Columbia Community Table at John Jay Dining Hall. Columbia students often comment that despite the diversity of our campus, there are few opportunities for students to interact with others outside of their immediate social circle. While students may not create lasting friendships over the course of one dinner, it is our hope that this table will foster intriguing discussions between different segments of the campus population. The Columbia Community Table aims at building a greater sense of community, one meal at a time.

We ask that students who choose to eat at the table do not come in groups larger than three. There is limited seating, and by limiting the size of preexisting groups at the table, we hope that students will have more opportunities to get to know their fellow Columbians.

Hopefully, this pilot program of the Columbia Community Table will become a staple for entering classes.

If you have any feedback on the table, questions, or ideas to better foster a Columbia community, please email [email protected]