Read on for news about extended JJ’s hours, nutrition kiosks, and the answers to all of 2016′s dining questions!



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This summer, Dining is purchasing a new dishwasher for John Jay! The unit will be more environmentally friendly and more efficient than the current dishwasher.

Next year, JJ’s Place will have extended hours! It will open EVERY DAY from Noon and will still go to 1:00am every night save for Friday and Saturday.

Recently, students have been throwing out more food than ever before—especially fruit. Please: do not take more than you will eat at one meal.

Thefts from the dining halls are not limited to Nutella: for example, Dining spends thousands of dollars a year replacing things like plates, silverware and Sriracha sauce! This is money that could be spent on new products like Speculoos, and keeping products like Jamba Juice around for years to come.

Dining will be looking into whether or not people who chose the new “flex” meal plan still have flex in their accounts by Spring break.



Question: Can we get nutrition facts displayed in front of the serving stations?

Answer: There are several reasons nutrition facts are not directly in front of the food, ranging from cluttering up the serving space to putting unneeded pressure on students recovering from eating disorders. However, Dining recently installed a Nutrition Kiosk in Ferris booth, where anyone can check to see the nutrition facts as they enter the dining hall. If the kiosk is successful, they will place them in the other dining halls on campus.


Question: Can we get Nutella in the dining halls?

Answer: Nutella is now available in Ferris Booth–please don’t take more than you need at one sitting!


Question: I’ve been turned away by a cashier who told me I was out of meal swipes, even though I have floating meals and guest swipes available.

Answer: While the cashiers should be asking all students whether or not you would like to use a floating meal in this instance, please make sure that you specify you would like to use either a float or a guest swipe if you run out of swipes.


Question: Can we have omelets at Ferris until 12:00 rather than 10:30?

Answer: It’s difficult to reset the station at 12:00, since there is more traffic and more demand for pasta. However, John Jay serves omelets at 12:00!


Question: We want almond milk!

Answer: Almond milk is now available in John Jay.


Question: Can we get more fresh fruits?

Answer: Dining provides as much fruit as they can, but many of the fruits that people request are not in season. Now that we have entered March, you should begin to see more variety.


Question: Can we get more salad variety?

Answer: Dining has recently hired a new lead salad bar manager, so expect to see more options like edamame and black beans, and red rice.


Question: Can we get a dining app?

Answer: Currently, Dining has a mobile version of its website that is customized for smart phones. If people feel they still want an app, make sure to contact your CCSC reps and let them know it’s important to you!


Question: We want more vegetables in the dining halls!

Answer: Dining is working on more composed vegetarian meals, as well as more variation. Hopefully you will be seeing these new meals in the dining halls shortly! Additionally, if you’re looking for vegetables, John Jay is the dining hall for you.


Question: There are flies in Ferris Booth Commons.

Answer: Dining already uses fly eliminators, and they also wash each machine everyday. However, they will be on the lookout for flies.


Question: Sometimes the food on the Dining website does not match the food being served.

Answer: Dining will take more care to ensure the website is synced with the prepared meals.


Question: We want more cheeses!

Answer: Dining has started putting out more cheeses, especially at the Ferris Booth pasta station.


Question: We want Speculoos!

Answer: Dining will investigate whether or not there is a cost-efficient way to provide Speculoos in the dining halls.


Question: Why is there no buffet food in Ferris between 2:00 and 5:00?

Answer: There is significantly less traffic in Ferris between those hours. Also, if they were to leave the food out for longer, it would begin to degrade.


Question: Can we get a JJ’s delivery service run through work-study students?
Answer: Considering the difficulty in ringing up meal swipes off-location, delivering to students outside of their dormitories, and other issues, it’s probable easier—and healthier—for you to come grab your JJ’s burger on your own.