• Senate Election: The direct election process is underway. Candidates have already registered, and campaigning will be starting early next week.
  • Retreat Takeaways: We will be focusing on providing more updates at CCSC meetings to keep the press and general body members up to date on all CCSC initiatives. CCSC also enjoyed getting to interact with our peer councils and governing boards on our recent retreat, although we would like next year’s discussion among the four councils and governing boards to be more specifically related to policies and events.
  • 2017 Class Council: The first-years will be interviewing their appointed officers this coming week.
  • 2016 Class Council: The sophomores have continued work on their Major Discovery series with CCE, and have already sold 150 articles of class apparel. They also worked with Scott Wright this week to make several changes in McBain Hall (placing shower hooks in bathrooms and initiating an audit of bathroom heat), and will also be working to create more insulated spaces for music groups to use in Lerner.
  • 2015 Class Council: The juniors are working on their upcoming clothing drive, and Representative Liam Bland will be attending a collegiate health conference as a Columbia representative.
  • 2014 Class Council: The seniors are hard at work planning events with CSA to apply for their degrees, co-sponsoring a screening with Ferris Reel, sending out applications for committee co-chairs, narrowing down the list of 30 possible graduation speakers, planning a homecoming tailgate, designing class apparel, and they have just held their second Lerner Pub.
  • Student Services: The CUIT Advisory Board will be starting up soon, and Student Services Representatives Loxley Bennett and Chris Godshall met with Athletics to work on publicizing their student rewards program and to promote this weekend’s upcoming televised football game.
  • Academic Affairs: Academic Affairs Representative Nora Habboosh is working with the Global Centers to create more funding opportunities for students, and has been in talks with administrators to move the Columbia College drop deadline to a later date. She has also been in talks to hold events to launch Columbia College’s Honor Code with Residential Programs.
  • Alumni Affairs: Alumni Affairs Representative Daniel Liss worked with CCYA to launch the alumni mentorship program, and has been meeting with CCYA about event partnerships and co-sponsorships.
  • Senate: First plenary was held last week, which brought many updates. The NROTC is back on campus. A topping off ceremony was held for the Mind, Brain, and Behavior building in Manhattanville. Columbia’s nine-year-long capital campaign will soon be coming to an end. Dean Valentini has requested that Columbia College receive a comprehensive space report so we can most effectively fill space when the Manhattanville construction is completed. Lastly, although a quarter of all University revenue comes from government contracts, President Bollinger does not anticipate Columbia will be directly affected by the government shutdown, unless it continues for an extended period of time. Senator Matthew Chou then updated CCSC on the Student Affiars Committee’s recent work, including the compilation of data from last semester’s Quality of Life survey.
  • Policy Committee: The committee held a brainstorm earlier this afternoon to identify issues with University Events Management, and also discussed sustainability issues on campus.
  • Communications: The Committee recently finished their campaign to advertise WTF Columbia, and have now turned their attention to creating CCSC Progress Reports on yourCCSC.com.
  • Finance: The committee took part in the first Joint Council Co-sponsorship Committee (JCCC) meeting of the year.
  • Campus Life: The committee is planning festivities for Homecoming, including free food and giveaways on Van Am Quad with Athletics and a Pep Rally. They will also be holding the first Bagelpaloozza event of the year on October 14th in John Jay Hall.
  • GSSC: The General Studies Student Council will be showing The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween weekend, and are working to put together a team to compete in the Columbia Dance Marathon.


Watson Library Hours

CCSC President Daphne Chen and ESC President Sidd Bhattt held a meeting last week with the Business School Council to discuss hours at Watson library during midterms and finals. The Business School Council believes that more data is needed to determine whether or not Watson is underused during midterms and finals.


Commuter Swipe Access

Chen and 2016 Vice President Grayson Warrick met with administrators to discuss the decision to remove commuter swipe access to residence halls. While the policy makes sense, Chen feels that the way in which it was implemented (by giving no notice to students who had already made their housing plans months in advance) was inconsiderate. She will be working with Student Engagement to ensure that future decisions affecting residential life will be made in advance of the spring housing lottery.


Dino BBQ Dinner

CCSC members will be meeting with administrator’s on Tuesday, October 8th to discuss topics such as open data and creating more friendly university policies for students. Council members urged CCSC to focus the session on creating creative solutions to problems, and to refrain from focusing on personal anecdotes in front of administrators.



CCSC held their final council review of the CCSC Bylaws in advance of next week’s bylaws vote. Changes to the bylaws included scraping a section detailing “off the record” comments, updating the schedule of how frequently the CCSC and ESC Executive Boards must meet, and scraping a section describing the work of the independent Elections Board.  A vote on the bylaws will be held at next week’s meeting.


SGO Renovation

CCSC then discussed the upcoming renovation to the Student Government Office on the fifth floor of Lerner. Council members urged SGO to keep the long conference room table for meetings, and to find effective ways to advertise the conference rooms that all student groups can book.


Fun Fact of the Meeting

Want to get floor time at a CCSC meeting? Any petition receiving 10% of the student body’s signatures (495 signatures) receives mandated floor time at any CCSC meeting.