Below is the text of the UEM Student Events Advisory Committee Resolution, passed by CCSC on Sunday, December 8, 2013.



Columbia College Student Council

Proposed: Monday, December 1, 2013

University Event Management Student Events Advisory Committee


Whereas student groups that interact with University Event Management (UEM) have expressed interest in seeing multiple changes to the student event management process in UEM, ranging from their booking processes to their institutional efficiency, and

Whereas false beliefs, such as the idea that UEM actively cancels room reservations, are perpetuated in the student group community,

Whereas UEM has attempted to provide forums and communicate information to student groups, but the forums–specifically a program entitled “Event Management 101”– have been poorly attended,

Acknowledging that while small-scale changes within the UEM student event management process can be implemented on an ad hoc basis,  large-scale reforms require institutional support and follow-through,

Whereas Columbia College Student Council has set a precedent of representing the interests of the student body to administrative departments through the Housing and Dining Committees,

Whereas Director of UEM Joe Ricciutti and other UEM administrators are supportive of creating an institutionalized tool to enact reforms,

Therefore be it resolved that Columbia College Student Council and UEM will organize a University Event Management Student Event Advisory Committee composed of the following members:

1)     the Director of UEM, and at least one member of the UEM Student Events team,

2)     the Vice President for Campus Life of the Columbia College Student Council,

3)     the Vice President for Student Life of the Engineering Student Council

4)     the Vice President for Events of the General Studies Student Council,

5)     at least one representative of the Activities Board at Columbia,

6)     at least one representative of the Student Governing Board,

7)     at least one representative of Community Impact,

8)     at least one representative from the Governing Board at Barnard.


THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT while the above members will comprise the committee’s core membership, all UEM Student Event Advisory Committee meetings will be open to the public, with the governing boards charged with advertising all Committee meetings to their constituent groups.

Therefore be it FURTHER resolved that the UEM Student Event Advisory Committee’s responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:

1)     holding meetings once per month, with the agenda prepared in advance by the

       Director of UEM, based on the input from the student representatives on the

       committee and any other student input that has been gathered since the previous

       committee meeting,

2)    selecting, at the last meeting of each semester, three areas of focus to improve for

       the next semester,

3)     consulting the leadership of Columbia’s student groups to ensure that all proposed

       changes are supported by student groups on campus,


Therefore be it FURTHER resolved that the the UEM Student Event Advisory Committee’s eventual areas of focus, will include, but are not limited to:

1)     working with the Office of the Registrar to increase the inventory of classroom

       space that is able to be booked through UEM, such as a group of Hamilton Hall


       direct control of UEM, such as a group of Hamilton Hall classrooms,

2)     creating a more intuitive booking process for student groups, and eschewing dated

       inputs such as “chart strings,”

3)     discussing ways to make student groups more accountable for cancelling space

       reservations that are no longer needed, and

4)    ultimately, aggregating all spaces on campus into a database that is accessible by

       the student body. While the database would ideally allow for real-time space

       bookings, it must at the very least include the booking procedures for all

       aggregated spaces.



Peter Bailinson, VP Communications, CCSC

Rakhi Agrawal, Secretary, SGB

Saaket Pradhan, Representative, ABC