Grab your laptops — the Second Annual Wikithon is coming to John Jay Lounge this Wednesday!

A CU Wikithon to update the website “WikiCU” is taking place Wednesday evening from 6pm to 11pm. It’s organized by CCSC and ESC with support from the Columbia Spectator, Bwog, and the Columbia Lion. We will be posting many new articles on the website as well as updating old articles, all in the hopes up maintaining WikiCU as a relevant database on all things Columbia.

It’s really important for us to have turnout from many student groups on campus to ensure that website covers a diverse range of issues that are pertinent to all Columbia students. By¬†updating WikiCU, students maintain the legacy of their experiences at Columbia for future classes.

CCSC and ESC will be providing Dinosaur BBQ, Chipotle BOGO cards, and Insomnia Cookies, so please take some time on Wednesday night, bring your laptop, and help us to maintain a relevant source of info for Columbia!