After much review, CCSC has released the list of Student Project Grants winners! Below are this year’s recipients:

  • Reina Imagawa: Creating a unified sense of community across and beyond Columbia’s campus by offering opportunities for students to provide language services to communities in need.
  • Daniela Lopez: Holding an outdoor dance party that promotes Latiná culture through the music selection, food vendors, and teamwork of all the Latiná and Caribbean cultural groups.
  • Courtland Thomas: “292 Photos of NYC” will showcase ten different perspectives of New York City in a gallery exhibition held in Lerner Hall.
  • Meaghan Hurr, James Kim, Yixin Sun: Creating a “Columbia kitchen library” where Columbia student groups can borrow kitchen supplies without needing to spend their limited club resources on materials.
  • Aramael Pena-Alcantara: Hosting a masquerade dance where participants don a “bauta,” or mask, to break down the self-imposed barriers of Columbia and interact with individuals from all of the undergraduate colleges.

We wish to thank all who applied, and we are looking forward to helping realize the above projects!