On February 20th, 2014, the 2016 Columbia College Student Council and 2016 Engineering Student Council hosted the DeStressathon, aimed to counter stress on campus with with real, tangible solutions. The purpose of this event was to provide students with immediate and long term methods of combatting stress in the form of an expert guest, study snacks as well as Alice! sleep packs and Stressbuster back rubs. We attempted to attract a good number of students to share in the relaxing atmosphere and learn from our speaker.

The turnout was great.We expected roughly 150 students, and at least 150 showed up, which was good due to room size. The room was full with students eager for free food and relaxing with friends. The Insomnia cookies were a hit, as were the tea, crackers and cheese. Stressbuster back rubs were very popular as well.

We encountered a few problems including the length of the speaker. In general students felt awkward to enter during the actual speech, thus stagnating our numbers until after she left. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, however the presentation could have been shorter and much for effective.

We received many positive comments and helpful feedback from this event. Students seemed to thoroughly enjoy hanging out, eating free cookies and receiving back rubs.


Expected Attendance: ~150

Actual Attendance: At least 150

Hours Spent Planning: 12 hours (meetings, emails, and set-up)


Breakdown of Costs:

1) Snacks and Tea = $122.42

2) Insomnia Cookies = $240

3) AV cost = $34

ESC’16 Co-Sponsorship +$100

Total: $296.42, or $1.98 per person.