• Performed peer institution on the average courseload with Mythbusters team
  • Met with Briana to talk about further ideas for CLC including Oscars-watching event, comedy night, hypnotists, Dine en Blanc, and College Days
  • Met with Honey Sue Fishman (Lerner administrator) about approval for Our Blue decorations/mascot/logo, Lerner charging station, Lerner Study Hall, and t-shirt swap
  • Met with 292 (SPG) with Loxley to flesh out their gallery idea; may connect to Our Blue
  • Met with Dean Smith-Bergollo about making governing boards and [email protected] more efficient, talked about Princeton’s iPhone app which is amazing and possibly getting someone to make that full-time
  • Met with Kareem, Nora, and Michael about senior-freshman mentoring and getting Deantini or alumni to pay for class gifts
  • Met with Bwog editors to meet them and talk about this semester’s coverage
  • Met with Peter to brainstorm how to improve CCSC’s outreach to students, other than campus media. Ideas include: blog, #problemsolver, battle cards for you guys, and reaching out more to reporters



Past week accomplishments

  • Mary met with CCE to discuss LionSHARE changes (from last semester)
  • First CUIT Advisory Board meeting was held
  • Chris got lockout data from Joyce Jackson of Housing–paints slightly more complicated picture than we thought before–fall semester and being a first-year seem to be the major causes
  • Chris and Loxley wrote op-ed for Spec on GHAP HIV testing
  • Peer institution research on Public Safety funding coming along


Looking forward

  • Beginning to collaborate with SWP on investigating forced leave / re-integration policies
  • Meeting with Sam Seward of Columbia Health to discuss various health-related concerns we’ve accumulated
  • Need to investigate R credit removal


Campus Life

  • We had our Lion’s Feast//Tailgate event this morning, and it was an amazing success. Great turnout; delicious food; B E A U T I F U L weather; fucked up speakers (lol), but we made it work! Shoutout to the Campus Life Committee for their incredible work before, during, and after the event.
  • Bagelpalooza this Tuesday!



  • JCCC running smoothly
  • Working on Senior Week with the 2014s



  • Nora and Peter worked to assign councilmembers to the drop deadline initiative. Had the Communications and Finance committees “dorm storm” to collect student feedback.
  • Peter with Jeimy Batista from UEM to discuss proposed changes for acquiring space from the registrar’s office and to hear the historical context of the conversations. Met with Jared to combine forces on the initiative. Meeting with the registrar’s office this week, to be followed by Public Safety and Facilities.
  • Comms is partnering with the Campus Life Committee on the university archives project. Meeting with Daphne, Ramis, Peter and Sydney Gross from Dean Valentini’s office next week.
  • Kareem, Anne and Peter have been working on using the Lerner TVs to advertise council programs and initiatives. The website is really outdated, but we’re trying to find a work-around to be able to use the site.
  • Daphne and Comms are working together on the new CCSC #problemsolvers initiative to have students tweet their problems to @yourcccsc, and we then work to find quick answers.



  • Second sweater order just arrived. Distributing this Monday and Tuesday.
  • All of 2014′s events are starting up in March, so we’re working to put everything in place right now.



  • Winter Party took place on Thursday and was excellent. Filled out the PERF.
  • We’re scheming for the rest of the semester.



  • DeStressAthon success ~150 people
  • Starting to plan for Major Declaration Celebration
  • Eagerly awaiting our new rep



  • Planning March Madness study break for before spring break.
  • Planning Freshman town hall meeting for next month as well.
  • Still working with facilities to get whiteboards on all John Jay floor lounges.


Academic Affairs

  • Met with CSA departmental liaisons to discuss departmental advising and the possibility of creating student run committees for each major which organize social/professional events for students to interact with professors in a more casual setting/outside the classroom.
  • Met with Dean Yatrakis and Dean May from Academic Affairs to get their feedback on departmental advising, which I’ll discuss in the gbody meeting.
  • Got feedback from Dean Yatrakis on the new R credit policy which I’ll share.
  • Met with Peter and assigned tasks for drop deadline initiative. Dorm storming, research from CSA/CPS, will use council for further feedback.
  • Did research on ability to fit most popular majors in with 4 classes/semester for Daphne’s initiative.


Student Services

  • GHAP: moving forward with meetings with GHAP and Health Services to elucidate the accessibility and marketing of HIV testing
  • CUIT: so much cool stuff:
  • Ninja PrintAnywhere: global print queue with some awesome new features
  • Expanded support hours
  • Electronic Add/Drop: very popular with 3,000+ users and has lots of raving reviews
  • CourseWorks: app in the making, calendar function, Open Course Evaluations and Syllabi on the way; visible print quota on the way
  • Conversations (just conversations) about the pros and cons of combining CouresWorks and SSOL into one site
  • Google Drive: pilots in place, no timeline until logistics have been mapped out
  • Printers: looking for new printers, eliminating “single points of failure” (putting more printers in locations with just one printer), open to talks about color quota and printing plans (like dining plans)
  • Next time: sustainability (turning off computers in closed buildings, energy usage of labs), open data talks, color quota, printing plans, updates on aforementioned projects, UNI aliases, developing more means for students to give feedback and for CUIT to communicate with students



  • Met with CCE on Thursday and presented LionSHARE ideas. They were very responsive and liked them, and the changes will mostly depend on what the outside company that sources LionSHARE is willing/able to do.



  • Forming a committee among all of the undergraduate councils to plan “fun things,” i.e. events like barbeques, parties


Columbia College Student Ambassador Education Umbrella Event

-       Wednesday, 6:30pm at the Alumni Center on 113th

-       Panel of CC alumni that have gone on into careers in teaching, and some nontraditional

-       Free food, and we’d love your support



CCSC President Daphne Chen then lead a discussion on recent email leads from the CCSC internal listserv to campus media outlets. The summary of the discussion:

-       Please do not violate our trust and forward internal emails to the media. We want to be able to have real discussions on email.

-       If you’re going to speak to the media, consider using your name.


Lerner Cancellations Resolution

ABC Representative Saaket Pradhan then presented a resolution to implement a sign-in process in Lerner to reduce the amount of unused, reserved space.

-       Several question were brought up two weeks ago:

  • How the data collection and storage will be done?
    •  UEM will collect the data and store it in their database.
    • Also, Saaket has clarified the penalties for occasional and consistent lack of follow-through on the new policy: lower priorities and higher priorities during both the UEM pre-calendaring process and on the UEM Event Waitlist.

-       Some CCSC members questioned who would determine the priority status.

-       Others asked if this would unfairly penalize a new executive board for their old executive board’s mistakes.

  • 2014 Representative Ben Xue said that there is a fairly even distribution of executive boards that turn over on a calendar year versus an academic year, so the penalties

-       Others asked if there were a way for individual groups to determine their own current status

  • Some asked for an amendment to explicitly state that their ABC representative would provide the number of penalties upon asking
  • Could they send an email?
  • Or perhaps a public list of groups

-       Is there an explicit clause for how to redeem oneself?

  • Others will write an amendment explicitly putting the language in that past penalties will be forgiven each year

31-0-0 for the first amendment


Amendment to say that student groups should have access to their own signin data upon request



Entire resolution



Removal of Internship Credit

-       Hasn’t fully been discussed with students yet

-       Was blasted to the student body with no warning

-       Dean Yatrakis says that she thinks they’re now complying with the law

-       Councilmembers expressed that this is fundamentally a good change, but Columbia and CCE with their power should be personally notifying employers of this change

  • We should use this opportunity to investigate which of these internships actually are legal

-       Others questioned the timing, since it could affect graduation plans

  • Habboosh said that this doesn’t affect graduation requirements, but only the companies, since they feel they need to legally provide some time of compensation, which has previously been academic credit

-       Others asked how it affects OPT and CPT, for international students

  • Optional Practical Training, or one year of paid work time
  • CPT is used while you’re a student, or unpaid internships
  • International students will now have to start using OPT while they’re students, so they won’t have as much time to use OPT after they’ve graduated

-       Some thought it would affect certain industries and not others

  • i.e. The entertainment industry will be adversely affected by this
  • Banking industries are more likely to pay their interns

-       The question moving forward is: what are you going to do Columbia to actually assist these students?


Executive Board election changes

-       Focus on the principles behind the resolution, and whether or not we should vote on this topic

-       Focusing on the system because the system benefits incumbent candidates over the general student body

-       We are proposing to hold an open forum next week, and to incorporate it into a vote for next week

-       We then read the resolution

-       Possible amendments

  • Suggestion of linking VP Policy and Student Body President
  • In the Constitution, there is a line of succession, whereas the VP for Policy will automatically succeed to the Presidency
  • There is also precedence in all of our class councils
  • Daniel countered that voters should have the ultimate say on who they want to represent them
  • Others said there should be a unified policy voice, and the VP Policy often puts the President’s vision into the policy committee

-       One CCSC member countered that we should not be taking our policy initiatives from the Spectator Editorial Board

-       Daniel then briefly outlined the history of the CCSC elections process

  • 1980s: candidates for CCSC are not permitted to form party tickets
  • 1989: at the recommendation of the Price Commission on CCSC Elections, CCSC votes to allow individuals to join parties when running for any CCSC position
  • 1990s: students both run individually and join sprawling parties that encompass candidates for executive board positions and class councils
  • 2000: as part of a constitutional review, the CCSC executive board is restructured to its current form. To help “stabilize” the roles of the executive board positions, candidates were for the first time required to run as part of a ticket

-       Then the discussion turned to process:

  • By not voting on this right now, we would be making a conscious decision to not change this for the upcoming CCSC elections
  • President Chen questioned whether we are the correct generation of council to vote on this, since many of us have conflicts of interest
    • It’s also difficult to determine whether or not you have a conflict of interest since you don’t have to explicitly state whether you’re running for another month
    • VP Policy Sun said that he feels it is not appropriate for the current iteration of council to vote on it, since there is a reason that constitutional review takes place after elections have already passed
    • 2015 President Michael Li requested to have a ballot referendum asking this question on the special election coming up in a few weeks to elect a new sophomore class representative
      • There was quite a bit of agreement on doing that

-       Motion to vote on President and VP Policy

-       29-2-0 President and VP Policy will be linked

  • People did not actually vote on the resolution, just the amendment

-       Discussion on whether or not to bring it to a vote

  • President Chen declined to allow a vote, citing a desire to not have councilmembers voting on their own elections

-       VP Policy Sun said that the most direct manner possible to receive feedback on this issue would be to have

Voting on either the referendum or forum

Referendum: 30-0-1



Daphne’s Dreams: A list of committees given by Dean Martinez. We want to do a better job of holding their committees accountable.