E-Board Election Changes

The referendum results came back, and although only 18% of the student body had voted, 91% of those voting approved the resolution to allow candidates for Vice Presidents for Campus Life, Finance, and Communications to run independently.

CCSC first took a vote to determine whether or not council wanted to vote on the resolution tonight. The vote passed, 25-0-0. (One member was in the bathroom for the first part of the meeting.)

CCSC then voted on the actual referendum. It also passed, 25-0-1.


Lockouts Update

  • Policy as it had been was two free lockouts per semester and then a $5 charge, as well as one free key-assist per semester and then a $20 charge
  • Student Services Representative Chris Godshall went back and spoke to Housing
  • They will most likely be removing the $5 fee for room lockouts
  • After several incidents, students will instead receive a follow-up with their Graduate Hall Director
  • The $20 fee for “Key Assist”—Hartley Hospitality bringing the key to students—will remain
  • Money collected will still be placed in a fund to finance a student initiative
  • There will also be signage placed on the doors to remind residents to bring their keys before they leave their rooms


Mentoring Initiative

  • 2015 Representative Kareem Carryl has been working with Dean Valentini to investigate a mentoring initiative partnering senior and first-years
  • This would be broader in scope than the Columbia Mentoring Initiative groupings, which are based around identity groups, race, sexual orientation, and other communities
  • One of their goals is to provide more assistance for first-years in the weeks and months following NSOP
  • The program would be on an opt-in basis
  • A training program would be created to ensure mentors have the resources necessary to support their mentees
  • Representative Carryl and Dean Valentini would like the matching survey to take place once students are already on campus, and may hope to use the housing system to develop the relationships
    • i.e. Match seniors that lived in John Jay with first-years who live in John Jay
    • Councilmembers questioned whether or not we could find a stronger connection between first-year residence halls
      • Majors? Student groups? Lit Hum professor?
      • 2014 President Conan Cassidy said that a similar program was created four years ago and failed spectacularly
      • Councilmembers expressed support of using a survey to find similar interests between the first-years and the seniors
        • However, others wanted mentors and mentees to have an opportunity to mingle before being matched up to ensure that
        • Perhaps matching up first-years and seniors who were from the same hometown would be ideal
        • Others asked whether there could be financial assistance for events, and Representative Carryl mentioned that Dean Valentini’s Office may look at a financial component after the idea has been worked out more fully
          • Many expressed support for large-scale events that could bring many first-years and seniors together
          • Two CCSC members questioned whether it would be ideal to have first-years sign up in the summer when they are more likely to read their emails, or several weeks after the semester has begun to ensure that people that are truly interested are able to participate




  • Daphne was sick almost all week, so no updates to report.


  • Developing a survey to look into perceptions around forced medical leave
  • Revamp of Health website will *tentatively* include portal for HIV testing (in addition to current presentation w/i GHAP page)
  • Chris negotiated no lock-out fee w/ housing!


  • Have completed Funding Resources, and CCSC Co-Sponsorships for both recognized and unrecognized student group.


  • Met with Dean Valentini’s Communications team to discuss the school-wide survey of communications sent by their department, CCE, CSA, etc.
  • Met with a student who is interested in partnering to increase CCSC’s social media presence. He will now be working with us and assisting the social media rep of the week in his or her outreach.
  • Continued clearing WTF Columbia issues.
  • Met with the Registrar’s Office to discuss classroom space. Although no details have been finalized, they preliminarily agreed to several proposals that will decrease last-minute cancellations and double bookings in classroom spaces, as well as opening up space at earlier hours.
  • Met with Academic Affairs Representative Nora Habboosh to discuss the drop deadline initiative. We analyzed the data collected by council through dorm storming and have begun to put together our proposal. We will also be creating a school-wide survey on the issue to be sent out after spring break.


  • CCSC’15 makes you FeelGood – Monday at 9pm
  • CU 2015 Tanks & Tees on sale – Monday


  • Planning with ESC and Dining for Muffin Monday event in John Jay and Carman lounges tomorrow morning
  • Planning for Lerner Renovation Town Hall meeting tomorrow night

Academic Affairs

  • Worked with Peter on the drop deadline initiative. We will be creating a school-wide survey on the issue to be sent out after spring break, and I am working to schedule meetings with administrators to discuss the proposal.

Student Services

  • I spoke with Housing again about the $5 key borrow policy. With the help of Dean Kromm, I proposed an alternative: no charge for keys; after 3 borrows, the student would get an email from their GHD/AD, after 4 or 5, Res Programs, probably the GHD, meets with the student to help them remember, etc. I think this would be a more effective way to change behavior and isolates the deterrent to just those who are actually causing the issue. Joyce was very receptive and agreed it would be more effective. They will keep the $20 key assist policy- they won’t budge on that one.
  • Microaggressions Event, “No Harm Intended”: Very successful!! Over 60 students came and listened to Professor Kevin Nadal give a presentation on microaggressions and how to approach them and ROOTEd led discussion groups to continue the conversation.
    • Talking to OMA about bringing some of the concerns expressed at the event to the broader community.
  • GHAP: continuing the conversation about targeted outreach with LGBTQ groups on campus.
  • Design for America (DFA): working with the group to resolve issues surrounding funding and space.


  • My meeting with CCE about the credit policy got moved to
    next week due to the career fair.


CCSC then had a brief workshop to allow councilmembers time to connect and find several initiatives to work on for the rest of the year.

The issues include:

  • Public Safety’s “Controversy Tax” – Jared & Chris Godshall
  • Lerner Hall Revamp – Chris Allison
  • CC Drop Deadline – Nora
  • Academic advising/Blue Book initiative – Nora
  • CLC Brainstorm – Joanna
  • CUIT Open Data – Loxley
  • Un-messify Recycling – Daphne
  • Study Space Crunch – Peter
  • Bureaucratic hoops at the Office of Disability Services – Bob