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Fall 2014 Semester Report

Every semester, the Communications committee works to compile a record of what CCSC worked on over the past semester. This report is intended to serve as both a record of what Council accomplished, and as a reflection on the ways in which Council can improve in the coming semesters. We hope that you take a look and, as always, please contact [email protected] with any questions or comments. 2014 Fall Semester [&hellip

CCSC Town Hall

Join your 2015, 2016, and 2017 Class Councils and the CCSC Executive Board for a Town Hall this Monday, September 8! Council members will be there to talk about event programming, policy ideas, space issues on campus, and any questions or concerns you might have. It will be held in the Lerner Cinema from 6:00 to 10:30 p.m. There will be snacks and drinks at the event. Schedule: Junior Class [&hellip

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On February 20th, 2014, the 2016 Columbia College Student Council and 2016 Engineering Student Council hosted the DeStressathon, aimed to counter stress on campus with with real, tangible solutions. The purpose of this event was to provide students with immediate and long term methods of combatting stress in the form of an expert guest, study snacks as well as Alice! sleep packs and Stressbuster back rubs. We attempted to attract [&hellip

Fall 2013 End of the Semester Report

Click here to find the CCSC Fall 2013 End of the Semester Report

Major Discovery Series

On January 24th, 2014, the 2016 Columbia College Student Council organized the Major Discovery Series. The purpose of this event was to help students explore and decide on their major. We tried to accomplish this goal by inviting students and administrators to sit on a series of panels and asking them to share information about the major selection process and their experiences with their own majors. The first panel was [&hellip

Dining Advisory Committee Minutes, February 2013

Read on for news about extended JJ’s hours, nutrition kiosks, and the answers to all of 2016′s dining questions!   Updates: Do you have a better idea for how Dining could organize the tables in Ferris? Submit your idea or drawing to [email protected]! Want to share an idea for a themed meal? “Like” Columbia University Dining Facebook page to share your input, and stay up to date on all the [&hellip

CCSC 2016 asks the tough questions.
Trivia Study Break

On Wednesday, February 27th, CCSC 2016 hosted its first study break of the semester. It was trivia-themed, and first-years competed to answer questions about celebrity alums, Lit Hum, and everything in between! Winners received their choice of class apparel (a pinny, a t-shirt, or a sports bra). Be on the lookout for more study breaks and parties this semester, brought to you by CCSC 2016!

Community Table
Community Table

CCSC 2016 and ESC 2016 are proud to introduce the new Columbia Community Table at John Jay Dining Hall. Columbia students often comment that despite the diversity of our campus, there are few opportunities for students to interact with others outside of their immediate social circle. While students may not create lasting friendships over the course of one dinner, it is our hope that this table will foster intriguing discussions [&hellip

Fall 2012 Semester Progress Report

The CCSC Communications Committee has produced a comprehensive overview of the student council’s work this semester. The goal of this report is to highlight the types of goals that CCSC can accomplish. Hopefully, this serves as a catalyst for our peers to reach out to us about issues they want us to solve.

freshman rave
Freshman Rave. Success!

On Saturday, November 17th, CCSC ’16 and ESC ’16 co-hosted the Freshman Rave — the Class of 2016′s first dance of the year. With glow sticks flying and strobe lights flashing, first-year students came sporting their best rave outfits and danced their hearts out in Lerner Party Space. Over 400 freshman attended. The rave was DJ’ed by first-year students Andrew Jorquera, Jesy Arriaga and Michael Bellamy. We had a great [&hellip

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