The Communications Committee is the primary hub for all of CCSC’s internal and external communication. In addition to ensuring that the CCSC website is an effective resource for students, the committee plans various events and townhalls to solicit feedback from students and communicate student opinions to the administration. If you want to be a part of re-branding CCSC and re-asserting its presence as an effective and useful resouce for students on campus, come and join us on Sunday nights at 6 pm in the SGO office (5th floor of Lerner). Whether you’re into blogging or editorials, videos or flyers, marketing or design — we would love to have you! Email VP Communications Abby Porter at [email protected]

The Next CC Dean

Members of the Dean Selection Committee will be hosting a townhall on Tuesday at 6pm in the Roone Arledge Cinema. We strongly encourage ALL Columbia College students to come by and share what they would like to see in the permanent Dean. – In attendance will be all three of the student representatives on the committee. Professor Christia Mercer and Professor Cathy Popkin, 2 faculty from the search committee, will [&hellip

CCSC To Host UEM Director- 04/15

Are you in a student group that uses space on campus? Have you ever had an event review or used lerner catering services? If so, please join us and share your feedback and suggestions about UEM. CCSC will be hosting Joe Ricciutti, the Director of Columbia University Event Management, at our weekly meeting this Sunday April 15th at 8pm in Lerner’s Satow Room. Ricciutti oversees on-campus event coordination, catering services [&hellip

What Has CCSC Done- Record of Accomplishments

CCSC RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS—Spring 2012 President SGO Revamp: Working in tandem with the other councils and stakeholders, I developed a proposal for the space that will hopefully turn an underutilized room into one that will foster productivity, creativity, and relaxation. By expanding the space available for student group storage, adding two additional meeting rooms, and moving in more lounge furniture, I hope the SGO can become a better functioning space [&hellip

CCSC Statement on Fighting Hate Speech

To the Columbia University Community: Members of The Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) firmly stand in support and solidarity with members of our community who are committed to fighting against the hateful, divisive atmosphere that has appeared on campus due to recent events. We are outraged by the comments made by members of all associations and are embarrassed by our peers who hide behind a computer and use the internet [&hellip

YourCCSC TV Episode 3: How to Run for CCSC

Class of 2015 Representative Liam Bland joins two members of the Elections Board to find out how to run for CCSC. Please attend the Elections Board information session TODAY at 10pm, in the East Ramp Lounge in Lerner. There will be FREE PIZZA!! The deadline for registration is this Friday, March 9th! Check the Elections Board website for more information:     Thanks go out to Pat Blute for allowing [&hellip

Future of the Core
Future of the Core- Sunday 8pm

Do you have thoughts about the Columbia College CORE? What works and what should be changed? Where should money be invested? This Sunday at the CCSC weekly meeting we’ll be hosting a discussion on the Core and its place in a Columbia education. Come and voice your opinions to the people who make up the Committee on the Core. Sunday 8pm in Lerner’s Satow Room. This is the future of [&hellip

CTV reports on CCSC Dorm-Storming

CTV’s Maria Diez reports on the Columbia College Student Council’s canvassing efforts toward the end of January

CCSC Stormed the Dorms

On Sunday night, CCSC members took to Columbia’s residence halls to knock on some doors and solicit student opinions on campus issues.  The effort, which stemmed from the executive board’s meeting structure change, proved to be very successful.  Student council leaders from all classes visited first years and sophomores in Carman, John Jay, and McBain.  Overall, the response was positive.  There were, however, a lot of student concerns on issues [&hellip

Video: CCSC Visits the Center for Student Advising!

Join Ryan Mandelbaum (CC 2013) and Sarita Patankar (CC 2014) as they meet some of Columbia’s advisers and learn what the Center for Student Advising (CSA) has to offer!

Executive Board
Message from CCSC Executive Board

We, the CCSC Executive Board, have decided to make some changes to the council meetings on Sunday nights.  In the interest of telling students exactly what we are planning and where it all originated from, we published the following editorial in the spectator on Friday.  You can view the article here, or simply read on below. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————- Let’s rewind back to December of last year. It was a warm Sunday [&hellip

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