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Election Announcement

            Election Announcement Columbia College Student Council will hold a direct election for the Class of 2016 Representative vacancy. All members of the Class of 2016 are eligible to run. This election will allow the Class of 2016 to vote directly for their class representative, who will serve out the term until the end of the academic year. Although short, this 9-week interim is a [&hellip

Student Project Grants Winners

After much review, CCSC has released the list of Student Project Grants winners! Below are this year’s recipients: Reina Imagawa: Creating a unified sense of community across and beyond Columbia’s campus by offering opportunities for students to provide language services to communities in need. Daniela Lopez: Holding an outdoor dance party that promotes Latiná culture through the music selection, food vendors, and teamwork of all the Latiná and Caribbean cultural [&hellip

Wikithon Cover Pic (1)
Second Annual Wikithon

Grab your laptops — the Second Annual Wikithon is coming to John Jay Lounge this Wednesday! A CU Wikithon to update the website “WikiCU” is taking place Wednesday evening from 6pm to 11pm. It’s organized by CCSC and ESC with support from the Columbia Spectator, Bwog, and the Columbia Lion. We will be posting many new articles on the website as well as updating old articles, all in the hopes [&hellip

CCSC Student Project Grants Application

Student Project Grants The Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) Student Project Grants are a fantastic way for individual students to receive funding for individual projects that they would otherwise be unable to carry out. This year, with the expertise and assistance from the Governing Boards, the Student Project Grants have been re-envisioned as a way for students to propose project ideas that fall under the fundamental aspects of student life [&hellip

Watson Library Access Update

Press Release – Watson Library Restoration of Access

Commuter Swipe Access Update

PressRelease – Commuter Swipe Access

Resolution on Watson Library

Proposed: October 13, 2013 Ratified: October 13, 2013 Resolution to Restore Undergraduate Access to Watson Library   WHEREAS the Business School’s policy of banning undergraduates from Watson Library during midterms and finals starting in the Spring of 2013 was made without consulting all stakeholders, WHEREAS the ban resulted in severe underuse of space, documented by photos taken by students showing over 60% of seating remaining unused from 9pm-3am from May [&hellip

CCSC Declares Direct Election

The Executive Board of Columbia College Student Council will implement a direct election to fill the recently vacated Columbia College University Senate seat. The Executive Board chose to conduct an indirect election knowing that a direct election lacking adequate campaign time and high voter turnout would likely be less representative than a thorough, indirect election process. CCSC’s indirect election process comprises two rounds. Candidates are first interviewed by a panel [&hellip

CCSC Implements Honor Code

The Columbia College Student Council, on behalf of the whole student body, has resolved that maintaining academic integrity is the preserve of all members of our intellectual community – including and especially students. As a consequence, all Columbia College students will now make the following pledge: “We, the undergraduate students of Columbia University, hereby pledge to value the integrity of our ideas and the ideas of others by honestly presenting [&hellip

Synaesthesia Kickoff Concert

The CCSC Campus Life committee is proud to present the kickoff concert on Tuesday, April 9th for Columbia Music Festival 2013: Synaesthesia, a week of awesome music events hosted by some of the best music organizations on campus and CCSC.  HOODIE ALLEN Listen: http://soundcloud.com/hoodieallenmusic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoodieallen WITH STANDARD DELIVERY Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMK8rQNOBoY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Standard-Delivery/456040807787126 LUBEEN Listen: http://soundcloud.com/lubeen Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Lubeen1 DOORS AT 7PM First come, first served. No re-entry. ____ COLUMBIA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013: SYNAESTHESIA Website: http://www.columbiamusicfestival.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ColumbiaMusicFestival FESTIVAL [&hellip

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