Meeting Recaps
Minutes 10-26-14

Updates: Campus Life Committee Homecoming was this weekend Gave away over 700 t-shirts Had over 250 snapchat followers Gave away an iPad and a Columbia sweatshirt Screening of Night of the Living Dead on November 2 Basketball Mania is going to be on November 6 – slamjam theme Communications Made a spreadsheet of WTF Columbia issues directly related to Campus Services to discuss with Scott Wright during this meeting Polled [&hellip

Meeting Recap 10-19-14

Updates 2018 Class Council First Study break scheduled for Wednesday November 5th – plan to have a study break the first Wednesday of every month Party planned for November 13th contingent on JCC funding 2017 Class Council Trying to break 200 sales on apparel Planning Major Discovery Series Welcomed appointed class council: Ned Brose, Josh Sudman, and Doan Ho Adanma Raymond, 2017 Vice President, has been planning a fall relaxation [&hellip

Meeting Recap 10-12-14

Updates  Senate International Student’s Experience on Campus Will be having office hours in Lerner at night during the week (ISSO) 2015 Class Council Yesterday wrapped up apparel sales – will consider, based on demand, separate sales Oktoberfest today 2016 Class Council Launched apparel today. They will be doing a joint event with FeelGoodCu to help sell apparel. Event with consulting club – joint info session Boat Cruise is wrapping up [&hellip

Meeting Recap 10-5-14

Visit from Dean Monique Rinere Purpose was to discuss the new medical leave policy When she came to Columbia, the medical leave policy seemed to conflict with practice. The Mental Health Taskforce brought this issue up this past spring semester, and in mid to late August, Dean Rinere sent an email to the student body detailing the changes to the medical leave policy Changes CC students can now take a [&hellip

Meeting Recap 9-28-14

Introductions Welcomed the new 2018 Class Council and Sandwich Ambassador to CCSC 2018 Class Council: President Ezra Gontownik, Vice President Lani Allen, Representatives Kaz Costello, Millie Yang, Nicole Allicock Sandwich Ambassador: Josh Burton Updates Campus Life Homecoming: lot of marketing stuff coming out Alumni and archives project Communications Progress on Navigate Columbia and WTF Columbia President “Its On Us” Roundtable: “It’s On Us” is a program from the White House [&hellip

Meeting Recap 9-21-14

Updates 2015 Class Council Lerner pub was successful—expecting the next one to be October 2 Senior week: applications were put out (committee is comprised of one representative from four undergraduate schools) They also put out a second form for people who aren’t interested in being on the committee but still have ideas about Senior Week Conversation with Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA) about getting a senior gift for Columbia College [&hellip

Meeting Recap 9-7-14

Introductions President Peter Bailinson gave a welcome to council. He said that he thinks that this will be a good year for council, and that he’s looking forward to it. Then, all four undergrad student council presidents introduced themselves President of Engineering Student Council (ESC) Brian Wu said that there are similar initiatives on both CCSC’s and ESC’s agendas, including more student space in NOCO. He also discussed SEAS-specific initiatives [&hellip

Meeting Recap 3-9

E-Board Election Changes The referendum results came back, and although only 18% of the student body had voted, 91% of those voting approved the resolution to allow candidates for Vice Presidents for Campus Life, Finance, and Communications to run independently. CCSC first took a vote to determine whether or not council wanted to vote on the resolution tonight. The vote passed, 25-0-0. (One member was in the bathroom for the [&hellip

Meeting Recap 3-2

Updates Campus Life Successful Bagelpalooza Oscar Event tonight in John Jay Lounge. 6:30PM. Communications Met with Dean Valentini’s communications team to discuss sending out a survey to all CC students about the communications they receive (i.e. email from CCE, CSA, Summer Ecosystems) and looking to see if there are better ways to send out this information. Meeting with the Archivist this week to look at photographs for the display cases. [&hellip

Meeting Recap 2-23

Updates President Performed peer institution on the average courseload with Mythbusters team Met with Briana to talk about further ideas for CLC including Oscars-watching event, comedy night, hypnotists, Dine en Blanc, and College Days Met with Honey Sue Fishman (Lerner administrator) about approval for Our Blue decorations/mascot/logo, Lerner charging station, Lerner Study Hall, and t-shirt swap Met with 292 (SPG) with Loxley to flesh out their gallery idea; may connect [&hellip

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