Meeting Recaps
Election Announcement

            Election Announcement Columbia College Student Council will hold a direct election for the Class of 2016 Representative vacancy. All members of the Class of 2016 are eligible to run. This election will allow the Class of 2016 to vote directly for their class representative, who will serve out the term until the end of the academic year. Although short, this 9-week interim is a [&hellip

Fall 2013 End of the Semester Report

Click here to find the CCSC Fall 2013 End of the Semester Report

Meeting Recap 2-16

E-Board Statement CCSC President Daphne Chen addressed the general body to conclude last week’s closed meeting. She hoped that the meeting was cathartic for all involved, and that conflicts in the future can be dealt with through open communication. She also discussed several concrete changes going forward from the E-Board, such as making meetings less update-heavy, having a productive “workshop” at the end of each general body meeting, and doubling [&hellip

Meeting Recap 2-9

Updates Class of 2017: The first year class council held their Winter Wonderland Formal. They have already evaluated the event and are preparing a guide to present to next year’s first year class council in order to improve the event. VP Chris Allison has been attempting to place the “white board walls” on all floors of John Jay, and in other residence halls. Class of 2016: The sophomore class council [&hellip

Meeting Recap 1-26

Columbia College Student Council January 26 Meeting Recap Updates CCSC members updated others on their travels during break and their work on council issues. Brief updates included pushing back the earliest time at which a fire drill can occur to 10:00am, setting agendas and dates for the UEM Student Events and CUIT Advisory Committees, the formation of a task force to reform Consent 101 (“Consent is Sexy”), work on a [&hellip

Meeting Recap 12-01

Columbia Alumni Presentation Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA) President Kyra Berry and Columbia College Young Alumni Association (CCYA) President Calvin Sun presented to CCSC. Berry described how CCAA recently been focusing on “alumni engagement” though both development—initiatives to increase our endowment such as the Senior Fund—and peer engagement. Peer engagement in particular has not been as strong in years past, as alumni have not had the organization nor the staff [&hellip

Meeting Recap 11-24

Updates Class of 2014: The senior class council will soon be hosting a social event with adult beverages. Class of 2015: The junior class council will be hosting a study break before finals period begins, and have a winter formal coming up at Hudson Terrace. Class of 2016: The sophomore class council is working to compile a CC study guide. Class of 2017: The first-year class council held their first [&hellip

Meeting Recap 11-17

Updates Class of 2017: The council had a great turnout at their joint-event with the Class of 2016. They are also planning an info session with CCE at the beginning of December, and are organizing their Winter Wonderland formal. Class of 2016: They held a joint event with the Class of 2017, and distributed their class apparel. Class of 2015: The council is finishing up their clothing drive, will shortly [&hellip

Meeting Recap 11-10

Columbia College Student Council November 10 Meeting Recap   Updates Class of 2017: The council will be hosting a study break in Carman Lounge on Tuesday with CCSC 2016. Class of 2016: They will be distributing their class apparel soon, and will be cohosting a study break with CCSC 2017. Class of 2015: The council held an alumni mixer with CCYA last Friday, and they are planning a volunteer event [&hellip

Meeting Recap 10-27

Updates Policy Committee: Senator Marc Heinrich and 2016 President Ramis Wadood spoke with the CU Dems about their sexual harassment petition. The Dems are focusing on making data surrounding incidents more transparent, whereas VP Policy Bob Sun and Heinrich are working on changing how Title IX is interpreted at Columbia. Sun also received data from CPS. Policy also discussed changing the drop deadline and standardizing curves within classes. Campus Life [&hellip

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