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Update- Financial Aid and Education Financing

Financial Aid has always been a sore topic of conversation. Dealing with money and financial planning is stressful, and many students were voicing concerns about the advising and processing systems of the Financial Aid office at our school. Columbia Student Advising undertook a massive, and effective, reform last year in response to student feedback. Student council believed it was time for the Financial Aid Office to undergo a similar holistic [&hellip

Dining Services Update

Hey Columbia College! Over the last few weeks, council members have collected a lot of feedback from the student body and a lot of them had to do with Dining Services. I met with Vicki Dunn, the Head of Dining Services, to discuss some of these issues. Before I launch into the issues we discussed, I just want to reiterate how easy it is to make your experience in dining [&hellip

Update on Dining Services
Update on Dining Services

Hey Columbia! I’m Christina Fan, one of the two Student Services Representatives of CCSC. I sit in on Dining Advisory Hall Meetings and here’s a quick update on what Columbia Dining Services have been up to. First and foremost, REGISTRATION FOR THE THANKSGIVING MEAL HAS BEGUN. Register fast because it’s first come first serve. Go to and complete your registration form. The staff at Columbia Dining Services have been [&hellip

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