Yellow Ribbon Resolution

COLUMBIA COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL Proposed: Sunday, September 21, 2014 Resolution to Call Upon the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to Extend Yellow Ribbon Funding to Undergraduate Veterans   WHEREAS Columbia University has a storied past of mutual cooperation with the US Armed Forces, exemplified in famous alumni such as the father of the “Nuclear Navy”, Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover, and Major Edwin Armstrong, developer of FM radio;   [&hellip

Meeting Recap 9-28-14

Introductions Welcomed the new 2018 Class Council and Sandwich Ambassador to CCSC 2018 Class Council: President Ezra Gontownik, Vice President Lani Allen, Representatives Kaz Costello, Millie Yang, Nicole Allicock Sandwich Ambassador: Josh Burton Updates Campus Life Homecoming: lot of marketing stuff coming out Alumni and archives project Communications Progress on Navigate Columbia and WTF Columbia President “Its On Us” Roundtable: “It’s On Us” is a program from the White House [&hellip

Meeting Recap 10-6

Updates Senate Election: The direct election process is underway. Candidates have already registered, and campaigning will be starting early next week. Retreat Takeaways: We will be focusing on providing more updates at CCSC meetings to keep the press and general body members up to date on all CCSC initiatives. CCSC also enjoyed getting to interact with our peer councils and governing boards on our recent retreat, although we would like [&hellip

CCSC Constitution

CONSTITUTION of the Columbia College Student Council The students of Columbia College elect the Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) to serve as their primary representative, advocate, and liaison to the Columbia University community, including its administration, faculty, alumni and students, as well as to the public. The CCSC is charged with gathering and expressing student opinion, actively representing student views, appropriately addressing student concerns, ensuring that college students are fully apprised [&hellip

Created by ESC President Josh Boggs
Study Break in John Jay Dining Hall

On Monday, December 10th, CCSC & ESC 2015/2016 came together to provide underclassmen a tasty study break in our newest study space: John Jay Dining Hall. Hot chocolate and a variety of snacks were provided courtesy of our fantastic dining staff from 9pm – 12am

Designed by ESC 2015 President Josh Boggs
DJ’s & BJ’s

On Wednesday, November 14th, CCSC 2015 partnered with ESC 2015, CCSC 2016, ESC 2016 and Ben & Jerry’s to bring DJ’s & BJ’s to Columbia University! 2015 Vice President Julia Jarrett worked closely with Sibel Berberoglu of Ben & Jerry’s to provide 1,200 FREE servings of Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Snack” flavor for Columbia students. Ben & Jerry’s kindly offered to bring not only ice cream, but a full display [&hellip

Join a Student Council Committee

Do you want to decide how student life fees are spent, help plan huge campus events, make an improvement to a Columbia office or process, or even just get to know your peers? Join a student council committee — open to all CC students! To attend, just email the VP in charge of the committee(s) you want to join and begin going to meetings. The schedule can be found here: [&hellip

CCSC 14 Class Email

Hiya CC’14! Welcome back to another year! Two down, two to go. Hoping that you all had an amazing summer and aren’t finding it too hard to get back into the swing of things. Each week you’ll be getting an email from CCSC’14 with info on upcoming events, policy issues we’re working on and other random things that’ll manage to sneak their way in there. This week I’m going to [&hellip

CCSC’14 Junior Class Council

Hi CC’14! Welcome back to another year with CCSC’14! This year we have a few new faces on the council so read below so you know who to come to if you have any great ideas for policies, events or just want to say hi!       From top left: President: Conan Cassidy Vice President: Joanna Kelly Class Rep: Zach Vargas-Sullivan Class Rep: Sarita Patankar Class Rep: Arvin Ahmadi [&hellip

Lion Bytes 9-25

Read Karishma’s weekly Lion Bytes e-mail to the Columbia College student body!

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