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2014 Fall Semester Report

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Minutes 10-26-14 Tue, 18 Nov 2014 03:02:34 +0000 Updates:

Campus Life Committee

  • Homecoming was this weekend
    • Gave away over 700 t-shirts
    • Had over 250 snapchat followers
    • Gave away an iPad and a Columbia sweatshirt
  • Screening of Night of the Living Dead on November 2
  • Basketball Mania is going to be on November 6 – slamjam theme


  • Made a spreadsheet of WTF Columbia issues directly related to Campus Services to discuss with Scott Wright during this meeting
  • Polled about the Alumni Air miles fund today
  • Continuing to work on Navigate Columbia—will hopefully be done on CCSC’s end by the end of Fall Break


  • Sejal and Peter had a meeting with Dean Valentini and Dean Marinaccio
  • Lerner Hall Advisory Committee Meeting on Friday
    • Starting from the lobby and then moving upward
    • Took a tour of the mail services space. They are talking about taking the mailboxes out and putting in more group study space.
  • Meeting with Scott Wright
    • Havemeyer is one of the buildings that is not accessible and it will be changed soon
    • Discussed fixing up the steps outside of Butler

Policy Committee


  • Exciting changes that will be rolled out regarding Financial Aid—keep an eye out for that
  • Grayson Warick, Academic Affairs Representative, and Sejal Singh, VP Policy, will be reaching out to the Fellowships Office about making sure that they are staffed fully and fully meeting students needs.
  • Charles Sanky, Student Services Representative, Grayson Warrick, Academic Affairs Representative, and Chris George, Pre-Professional Representative, had a meeting with Columbia Student Advising about connecting students to faculty
    • Also discussed allowing first-year students to be put on listservs about their tentative majors, department heads having office hours for all students, and trying to find ways for open houses and other department events to be publicized to first-year students.


Finance Committee

  • A lot of JCCC applications
    • Good to see a lot of unrecognized student groups apply who applied through recognized student groups
  • Capital Investments Fund: will be looking at applications soon
  • Discussion about Student Activities Fee and possibly raising it


  • Agenda will be now made public for every Senate committee—the only exception to it will be the Budget Committee
  • Finally formed the International Students’ Feedback Group
  • Because of the new IT director coming in, as well as new representation on the Senate IT committee, open data might be happening

2015 Class Council

  • Senior Homecoming tailgate was successful
  • Will be putting out their application for Senior Dinner Co-Chair
  • Encouraging all seniors to start registering for their senior portraits
  • Lerner Pub coming up
  • Apply for the Degree event coming up – free tanks and giveaways

2016 Class Council

  • Grilled Cheese event last week which was a huge success
  • Apparel sales just closed—went way above the target
  • Thinking of partnering with a philanthropy for future events—will let the class vote on which one it is
  • Sameer Mishra, 2015 Class Representative, is doing different career events with different student groups
  • Junior Carnival: thinking of renting out Roone Auditorium in January

2017 Class Council

  • Meeting about Spring Formal on Wednesday
  • Major Discovery Event: November 21
  • Apparel sales have just closed

2018 Class Council

  • First study break scheduled for next week
  • Partnering with Student Wellness Project to have upperclassmen discuss with first-years about midterms in an event coming soon
  • Off-campus party scheduled for November 13


Discussion with Scott Wright, Vice President for Campus Services

  • Q: What is currently happening with Environmental Stewardship?
    • A: Working right now on six different initiatives; three of them are form the Green Fund, a fund put together for student projects
      • Recycling initiative to see what is and what is not being recycled has been started at East Campus and Carman. He discussed standardizing trash and recycling bins across campus.
      • Helped to work with Dining and Housing on Green Monday—will see a lot more visible reminders about Green Monday and Dining in the future.
  • Q: What updates are there for Print Services, specific to a Global Printing Queue?
    • A: The Print Services which Scott Wright oversees are not under CUIT but are printing for student groups and faculty. He would, however, like to look at the technology behind how we are printing on campus when a new VP for CUIT comes in
      • Follow-up question: What would be the best way to access print services if you were a part of a student group?
        • A: Should call and go through the director of print services
  • Q: Towards the beginning of this semester, the package center had a very long wait time—is there anyway to fix this during peak times at the package center?
    • A: Yes: there was a plan for the package center to move quickly. One of the important things about this plan is that it would not take up other spaces in Lerner. A part of this plan is to put out the contract for the third-party service that handles the mail in the package center. Another part of this plan is to eventually end getting paper mail through the mailbox system. Next year, in the month of September, the room 477 will be out of the booking system so that it can be used for another satellite package center. They are also looking at the idea for a system like Amazon lockers. No excuse for the line that we had this year—just plain incompetence.
      • Follow-up: In the interim, is it possible to move the location of where your package is at the very front of the email?
        • A: Seems like a very simple thing, but the current vendor tells us that this is not possible. Next year, this will be happening.
      • Peter Bailinson, CCSC President, asked what people would like to see in place of this mailbox space.
      • Singh asked how big the space is. Scott answered that the rooms are about 300 sq. feet
      • Just in the last week or two, UEM worked with the people who are working on the campus resource library. If this program were to grow, this space could be used for storage (especially since it might not be great meeting space since it is slanted like the ramps).
      • Discussed the importance of having students involved in the process of allocating space, especially in Lerner. This comes in direct response to the movement of the Rape Crisis Center into Lerner, and the lack of communication to students about this.
  • Q: Are you collecting feedback on some of the new Dining changes?
    • A: Not sure other than what is being discussed in the Dining Advisory committee meetings.
    • More changes: number of things that are planned around Green Monday. Hot and cold take-outs planned that are sustainable. There has been a request to keep dinner open later until 9 o’clock which will hopefully be happening next semester or this. There is also a request for more breakfast options.
    • Also, something that came up was the issue of no food places being open over breaks. Changes this year include food baskets over fall break and, for Spring Break, looking to have 200 students to purchase a 5-day meal plan.
  • Q: When will the new Ferris staircase be added?
    • A: Will probably be done over Spring Break, summer at the latest. It is a challenge to have a staircase to connect the third and fourth floor without taking up too much seating.
  • Q: Students who changed their UNI did not have access to their dining plans for two weeks. Do you know what we can do in the future to prevent that?
    • A: If you go in and change your UNI, there shouldn’t be any of those problems. If you go in and get a new UNI, this is where the problem occurs. Scott will reach out to people in CUIT to ask that they flag this to people who are trying to change their UNIs.
  • Q: Question about Barnard swipe access to JJs.
    • A: As far as they know, the only time that Barnard students have been able to get into JJs has been at the beginning of this year. There has been no record of this in the past. Because there is a business exchange at the end of the year, i.e. Barnard pays Columbia Dining to feed their students and Columbia pays Barnard Dining to feed their students, and because there are much more options at Columbia than at Barnard, it is up to Barnard Dining to open up swiping into JJs to Barnard students.
  • Q: How does Facilities decide to price Housing and Dining every year?
    • A: A number of departments (comprised of those arguing for the non-tuition fees that students pay), presents to the President, the Provost, and the Trustees about the budget. There are certain increases that happen every year, i.e. salary raises and personnel increases. There are other increases such as new buildings as well. Infrastructure repairs in addition to cost of living expenses have caused the fee to go up by about 5% every year.
    • A: In terms of Dining, facilities improvements have always been funded by more purchases in the meal plans. Every year, there have been about 300 more people buying voluntary meal plans.
  • Q: With the package center and satellite centers, is there any way in the early weeks to group the packages by name groups (i.e. A-F in Carman and G-Z in Lerner)
    • A: There should be a way to do this, but the only reason that it might not be possible is because the packages are grouped by size.
  • Q: Columbia is one of the only major universities to not have a university-wide environmental stewardship plan. Is there anyway to fix that?
    • A: The advisory committee is working for a campus-wide sustainability plan and is working with an outside resource. Recently completed the installation of the dashboard project for environmental stewardship so that students can look at the Energy Report Cards for each building.
  • Q: Is there any way to open up more music practice space on campus?
    • A: It is up to the Lerner Space Committee on how to allocate the space in Lerner.
    • Scott has been trying to find music practice space in a residence hall but issue comes with swipe access at that point.
  • Q: Why is Health Services closed on the weekends?
    • A: Urgent Care is opened on Saturdays
    • A:The issue with Sundays is staffing.
  • Q: Why are first-years are only allowed to use two swipes at JJs for snacks?
    • A: Part of making first-years sign up for the meal plan is because people want to make sure that first-years will have places to eat, and because they want to create a social space for first-years. Because of the first issue of nutrition, the plan is very rigid.
      • Follow-up: The largest upper-classmen meal plan is 14 meals a week as opposed to a set amount per semester. Is there a reason for this?
        • A: This came out of the Dining Advisory Committee meeting as a student request.
  • Q: Is there any way that we could open the tunnels?
    • A: While this is not Scott’s area, one reason why the tunnels are possibly not open is that they have very low ceilings and pipes and they are currently not legal to use as a public thoroughfare. Also, at certain points, they give access to the general areas of labs.
  • Q: How is Lerner and the large administrative presence in Lerner fitting into the conversation around Manhattanville?
    • A: We would love to get Health Services out of residence halls and Lerner and into a health building specifically .
      • Follow-up: There is a large issue with wait times at CPS. If we want to expand staffing, is the constraint space or funding?
        • A: Both: right now, Columbia has zoning issues that we are working on.
        • On 120th street, there are two large apartments that CPS could hopefully be moved to and strictly make it for graduate students.
        • They also want to make CPS drop-in offices in residence halls open longer than the daily drop-in hours
  • Q: In Carman Hall, the shared suite-hallway light is set up in such a way that you can’t turn it off by the time that you get to unlock your door. Could we convert this to a motion sensor?
    • A: Scott will ask about it. Comparatively, Carman is a newer building so, hopefully there will be no block to putting in new switches.
  • Q: Would it be possible to add a second turnstile to the Broadway entrance of Lerner?
    • A: No, because there is the disabled access door there.
      • Follow-up: is there anyway to add a staffed entrance like the one on the campus-side?
        • A: Yes but that would be expensive. Lerner is paid for 2/3 by the rent from the bookstore and Citi Bank.
  • Scott ended by encouraging students to come to Campus Services with issues that they might have about any out-of-the-classroom issues.


Wednesday is the National Carry the Weight Day of Action, a day when students will be carrying mattresses in support of survivors all over the country. CCSC will be participating.

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Student Project Grant Applications Tue, 04 Nov 2014 20:24:22 +0000 SPG Application
The Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) Student Project Grants are a way for students to receive funding for individual projects that improve or benefit the Columbia College community that they would otherwise be unable to carry out. Students can apply for a grant of up to $2000 to carry out a proposed project with CCSC helping them throughout the process, including help with booking space, event planning, and fine-tuning the details and goals of the proposal. The application for SPGs is due at 11:59pm on December 7th.
Every proposal will be judged on several general qualities, with each category having more specific guidelines that you should think about carefully as you are designing your proposal. We expect the originality and ingenuity of your project to benefit the Columbia community and not overlap with current student groups’ missions/programming.
Grant proposals can request up to $2,000*. We have provided a few different categories under which you can apply for a grant. However, do not feel confined by these examples.
  • Columbia Spirit: As a student body, we always say that Columbia doesn’t have enough school spirit. This category aims to celebrate the many different aspects of being a student at the “greatest College, in the greatest University, in the greatest city in the world,” as Dean Valentini puts it. What idea do you have to increase our school spirit?
  • Factionalism/Unity: As students, we often rely on certain labels to dictate who we hang out with and how we perceive others. This category aims to bridge the divide between campus communities.
  • Civic Engagement: This category is intended to get at two broad concepts of civic engagement: activism and service. Proposals should identify a community need or a social issue that manifests itself locally within the 5 boroughs of New York City.
  • Multiculturalism: At Columbia we pride ourselves in the diversity of our student body. This category calls for a proposal aimed at celebrating diversity in a new and interesting way. The possibilities with this category are endless, and you should aim for a creative way to celebrate our diverse Columbia community.
  • Student Wellness: Student wellness is a buzzword within the Columbia community. Our wellness affects every aspect of our lives. This category is an opportunity for students to address the different facets of wellness within our community and come up with a way to combat some of the negative influences.
  • Fun: This category is just what it sounds like: fun! Come up with a way to let Columbia students have fun! Anything goes, and you have up to $2,000* to do it, so think big, think creative, and have a blast with this proposal.
  • Other: If you have a proposal that doesn’t seem to match the categories listed above, then select this category. This is the place to get really creative and come up with great ways to benefit our community.

 *Accepted grants, are not guaranteed to receive all requested funds. The grant allocation will be at the discretion of CCSC.

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Meeting Recap 10-19-14 Mon, 20 Oct 2014 16:56:13 +0000 Updates

  • 2018 Class Council
    • First Study break scheduled for Wednesday November 5th - plan to have a study break the first Wednesday of every month
    • Party planned for November 13th contingent on JCC funding
  • 2017 Class Council
    • Trying to break 200 sales on apparel
    • Planning Major Discovery Series
    • Welcomed appointed class council: Ned Brose, Josh Sudman, and Doan Ho
    • Adanma Raymond, 2017 Vice President, has been planning a fall relaxation event
  • 2016 Class Council
    • Tonight is their big grilled cheese event where they will be giving away grilled cheese and have sign ups for class apparel
    • Boat formal, planned by Anne Scotti, 2016 Vice President, is set
  • 2015 Class Council
    • Appointed CC representative to Senior Week committee
    • Will be looking for Senior Dinner Co-Chairs
  • Policy Committee
    • Saaket Pradham, 2016 Class President, discussed the UEM Student Events Advisory Committee Meeting
      • Discussed more space availability in Hamilton
    • Chris Godshall, Student Services Representative, gave updates from the University Library Committee Meeting
      • Looking into lighting in Butler and more library accessibility for undergraduates
    • Godshall also discussed the Housing Advisory Committee meeting
      • CCSC will be advertising the use of televisions in residence halls
      • Godshall will be discussing hot water shutdowns with Joyce Jackson, the Director of Housing, later this week
  • President
    • Meeting with Columbia College Alumni Association
      • Talked about collaborating with them for Lit Hum day
      • Matt Forrest, Alumni Affairs Representative, discussed his plan to have alumni offices abroad send out an email to their alumni to connect them with students who are going abroad
  • Communications Committee
    • Navigate Columbia progress is going well
    • Will be working on a WTF Columbia publicity push in the coming weeks
    • Will be polling about alumni air miles fund and the need for it on campus
    • Have access to AXIS televisions in Lerner so can advertise on those now
    • Will be working with Housing to publicize the use of the televisions in residence halls
  • Finance Committee
    • Allocated the President and Provost’s fund
    • Launched Student Project Grant applications today
    • Next week will look through the Capital Investment Funds Applications
    • Will be looking at the student activities fee
  • Campus Life Committee
    • October 23: Ghostbusters with Ferris Real in addition to two other movies that are being screened
    • Tuesday, October 19 is Bagelpalooza in Shapiro
    • Archives Project: going through the archives to come up with cool, historical information to go around the buildings
  • Senate
    • Secured a third student position on PACSA
    • Will be emailing later this week about the Quality of Life survey
    • Ramis Wadood, University Senator, and Jared Odessky, University Senator, will be serving as part of the search process for the new University Librarian
    • Mental Health updates: just finished the second Open Forum of the Mental Health Task Force


Student Project Grants

  • Students can receive up to 2000 dollars for their grant
  • This is a unique opportunity because most of the other funding which happens through the Finance committee is for student groups rather than just students
  • Projects from previous years:
    • Resource Library: we can use this money to buy a few items which students can check out over time


Homecoming Presentation

  • These events are school-wide: one of the most important things that Campus Life is trying to do this year is to collaborate with other schools
  • Homecoming theme is “King of the Jungle”
  • Events
    • Yesterday, there was a screening of the Columbia-Penn away game in the Piano Lounge
    • Giveaways throughout the week everywhere around campus
    • Take a photo with the spirit committee and the organizers of the events for entry into a raffle
    • CCSC will volunteer for pep rally and the bus giveaways
    • Barnard Field Day 10/23
    • Senior tailgate at the game
  • Homecoming snapchat: CUHomecoming


College Days Presentation

  • Planned as an equivalent to Engineering Week
  • Built around the ideas that there is a saturation of campus events throughout the year, that the campus environment is very stressful and that there is a dearth of Columbia College specific events
  • Working Outline of College Days (Week 3/29-4/4)
    • Sunday: Lit Hum Day
      • Opening Ceremony, four class dinner at night, projecting Lit Hum books or banners across campus
    • Monday: Contemporary Civilization Day
      • Service at and to Columbia: community service event and advocacy/political activity event
    • Tuesday: Art Hum Day
      • Visual arts displays, shuttles to free museums around campus, large mural on College Walk
    • Wednesday: Music Hum Day
      • Musical showcases, a cappella groups to sing on campus in between classes, music from speakers on low steps, jam sessions in John Jay Lounge
    • Thursday: Global Core and Science Requirement Day
      • Because these are the two requirements in which Columbia students get to pick their own classes, we would partner with other student groups to execute their own programming
    • Friday: Swim Test Day
      • A Day of Hydration: as the day before Bacchanal, want to program with RC@C and a large swim test event
  • Weeklong Partnerships and Activity
    • College Days T-Shirts and CC Giveaways
    • CCE
      • “Did You Know” jobs showcase
    • Bacchanal
      • Lion Tamer publicity/training: students positioned through the crowd as a resource
    • We are still looking for more partnerships
  • Discussion
    • What inspired College Days?
      • We had College Days in 2012 and, since then, it has ended
      • Doesn’t have to come from us as CCSC but is a school spirit event
    • U. Writing Day?
      • Slam poetry? Quotes around campus?
      • ABC (discussing this as a separate event) wants to have a showcase of student publications
    • Lion on Campus? Can bring it up in the meeting with the advisor
    • Potential issues with having music playing during the day and with classes? Would probably play the music at night
    • Wednesday with Music Hum – can we have student performers who aren’t necessarily student groups
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Yellow Ribbon Resolution Fri, 17 Oct 2014 21:22:44 +0000 COLUMBIA COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL

Proposed: Sunday, September 21, 2014

Resolution to Call Upon the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to Extend Yellow Ribbon Funding to Undergraduate Veterans


WHEREAS Columbia University has a storied past of mutual cooperation with the US Armed Forces, exemplified in famous alumni such as the father of the “Nuclear Navy”, Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover, and Major Edwin Armstrong, developer of FM radio;


WHEREAS Columbia University has long recognized that veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces play an integral part in the student life, academic endeavors and intellectual accomplishments of the University;

WHEREAS since World War II, Columbia University and many of its constituent colleges have proudly served veterans who have deferred or interrupted their undergraduate educations to serve their country;

WHEREAS the Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 initiated the Yellow Ribbon Program, by which the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides matching funds for tuition waivers or grants offered by educational institutions to eligible student veterans.  This program supplements the base educational benefits provided under the Post-9/11 G.I Bill;

WHEREAS no fewer than 17 Columbia University schools and programs currently offer matching Yellow Ribbon funds to defray the fiscal burden upon veterans;

WHEREAS the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is alone among the Columbia University community in offering no Yellow Ribbon matching funds to deserving undergraduate veterans returning from military service.

WHEREAS under the “3-2” combined degree programs offered jointly with the Columbia University School of General Studies (GS) and with Columbia College (CC), Yellow Ribbon eligible applicants may receive remunerative benefits for their first 3 undergraduate years at Columbia from GS or CC, but returning veterans receive no matching funds from the Fu Foundation for their final two years at SEAS.

WHEREAS Columbia President Lee Bollinger has recognized Columbia’s campus as a “place for intellectual discovery…and a forum for enhancing the relationship between the military and civil society” and noted Columbia’s “proud welcome to hundreds of talented veterans.”

WHEREAS this two tiered system deters deserving veterans from applying to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and from joining the Columbia University academic community;

WHEREAS this two-tiered system places a grave and unwarranted financial burden on returning veterans, contrary to the well-spoken views of President Bollinger, and the best interests of Columbia University as a whole; and

WHEREAS the CCSC joins with the remainder of our Columbia University academic community in seeking to secure equal financial opportunities to our returning veterans across all degree and certificate programs here at Columbia.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Columbia College Student Council calls upon the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to extend Yellow Ribbon benefits to undergraduate veterans, including participants in the 3-2 combined degree programs offered jointly with the School of General Studies and with Columbia College.

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Meeting Recap 10-12-14 Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:15:47 +0000 Updates

  •  Senate
    • International Student’s Experience on Campus
      • Will be having office hours in Lerner at night during the week (ISSO)
  • 2015 Class Council
    • Yesterday wrapped up apparel sales – will consider, based on demand, separate sales
    • Oktoberfest today
  • 2016 Class Council
    • Launched apparel today. They will be doing a joint event with FeelGoodCu to help sell apparel.
    • Event with consulting club – joint info session
    • Boat Cruise is wrapping up
  • 2017 Class Council
    • Apparel sale is underway
    • Major Discovery Event is on November 21st. They will be in contact with upperclassmen who are in the same majors as first year and sophomore students.
  • 2018 Class Council
    • Lerner Party was switched to an off-campus event at Amsterdam Lounge. Will be a joint council event with ESC and SGA.
  • Finance
    • JCCC: funded CSC’s Night Market. Because there will be a high chance of rain, they will be funding a tent.
    • Capital Investment Fund: keep promoting
    • Alumni giving to student groups: found someone in Alumni development to talk to about that. After talking to people about it at alumni leaders weekend, this should be hopefully moving forward soon.
  • Policy
    • Mental Health Task Force Open Forum
    • Grayson Warrick, Academic Affairs Representative and Nicole Allicock, 2018 Class Representative met with Dean Ytrakis and Dean May about three topics:
      • Course Evaluations: will be sending out an email to students asking what questions they would like to see in the course evaluations
      • Registration: often, first year students don’t get into a lot of the classes that they need for their majors. There currently is no way to quantify the number of these classes that first years aren’t able to register for. They want to survey first years about what classes they need more of.
      • Resources Page: there is a new resources page with academic resources for students that Warrick is working on.
    • Sean Ryan, 2017 Class President, Marc Heinrich, University Senator, and Peter Bailinson, CCSC President met with Dean Henri and Dean Joyce regarding student involvement in the Dean’s Discipline Process
      • Some of the current issues are that there is no student voice, students cannot bring forward evidence to support their case, nor can they have witnesses in the room
      • Student Group Adjudication discussions are underway as well as involving more students in the Dean’s Discipline process. Ryan believes that both discussions need to happen simultaneously.
    • Charles Sanky, Student Services Representative
      • Chris George and Sanky will be meeting with CSA next Monday to see if they can standardize the practice of advisors connecting students with faculty
    • Chris Godshall, Student Services Representative
      • First CUIT advisory committee meeting coming up soon where they will be discussing printing, different email aliases and a Courseworks App
  • President, Peter Bailinson
    • Sanky and Bailinson attended the first Lerner advisory committee meeting this Friday
      • The idea behind the committee is that they will be starting on the ground floor and working their way up (i.e. beginning with Café 212 and going from there)
      • Aesthetic things will also be addressed
      • Definite things that are happening: new Ferris staircase and piano Lounge couches will be changing
    • UEM Advisory Committee meeting will be happening this Friday
  • Communications Committee
    • Has been working on polls throughout the week
    • Has also been continuing to work on Navigate Columbias
  • Campus Life
    • Homecoming
      • Saturday, October 18: screening the away game of the football team in the Piano Lounge
      • Will be doing a photo drawing throughout the week.
      • Barnard will be hosting a Field Day
      • Friday, October 24: Pep Rally on Butler Plaza
      • Game Day: giveaways on the buses
    • Basketball Mania
      • Spacejam theme – called “Slamjam”
    • Ferris Real Co-Sponsorships
      • October 23: Ghostbusters
      • October 26: Charade
      • November 2: Night of the Living Dead
    • Next Bagelpalooza is October 21 in Shapiro


Council Dinner with Deans

  • Coming up this Wednesday, October 15
  • Deans will most likely be from Housing, Student Engagement, Dining, OJA, CSA, and CCE
  • Priorities to bring up at the dinner
    • Students sometimes run out of meals and don’t have swipes when they need them. One of the policy priorities is to have a systematic way in which student can exchange swipes with other students.
    • Swipe access for students who live off-campus
    • Discussion on RAs and CAVA
    • Bigger conversation about Deans’ Discipline Process
    • Bringing up College Days
    • Vendor List: getting an idea about how vendors get on the vendor list. Also want to talk about the paperwork that it takes to get a vendor on the list.
    • Student space issues: Valentini at this week’s alumni leaders weekend talked about getting a space for students that was just for hanging out
    • Getting administrators to talk to and work with students who aren’t on council


Budget Update and Surplus Discussion

  • Surplus is up for a number of reasons
    • Enrollment in the College is up
    • Money that was allocated to Fall Bacchanal is no longer in use
    • Some of the costs that we had planned for from last year’s budget are no longer needed
  • Surplus:
    • $20,000 that is set aside for co-sponsorship fund and for overdraw of the Securities Fund
  • What do we want to do with the surplus?
    • The key question was whether the surplus should go to class council budgets or to governing boards.
    • It was fairly quickly decided that the money should go to governing boards. At this point, the question of whether this should be allocated now or at next semester’s F@CU.
    • Bailinson reminded council that any decision would be made after conversation with the governing boards.
    • A more detailed description of the debate is as follows:
      • Kareem Caryl, 2015 Class President suggested that we look at the first year budget. Another idea is a subsidy fund for clothing that class councils make so that it can be purchased at a cheaper price.
      • Andrew Ren, VP of Campus Life is more of a fan of giving it back to the governing boards
      • Saaket Pradham, 2016 Class President commented that class councils have a satisfactory budget
      • Godshall brought up the idea that there are a lot of unrecognized student groups that don’t know how to apply for funding. They can apply through JCCC and once more student groups know how to apply, they might need more money.
      • Sejal Singh, VP Policy, said that we should keep in mind that a lot of student groups are struggling to program right now. She proposed that we could hold on to it and give it back to groups next year or we could allocate it now. She was in favor of allocating it now.
      • Sameer Mishra, 2016 Class Representative wanted to clarify whether the money for Fall Bacchanal was taken from class councils
        • Michael Li, VP Finance answered that CCSC reduced Class Councils by 10%, primarily because there are no longer study breaks. The rest was from Columbia Music Festival and Student Project Grants.
      • Caryl said that he agreed with the 10% cut because it made class councils focus more on correct programming.
      • Returning to the question of whether CCSC should give out the money now or at F@CU?
        • Ryan suggested that we should give it out now
        • Pradham said that he liked the idea of giving it out to students now, but also said that the allocation process takes a long time and worries that if there is an allocation now, it will be done hastily.
        • Li said that a lot of the governing boards are currently going through appeals so this could make the allocation process easier.
        • Ezra Gontownik, 2018 Class President noted the high price of Winter Wonderland tickets from last year and that an increase in the 2018 budget would allow for more subsidizing of tickets
        • Mishra suggested the idea of allowing governing boards and class councils to apply through the same process
        • Marshall Bozeman, 2017 Class Representative asked if there would be a potential danger in governing boards coming to expect a higher allocation
        • Singh said that she thinks that there was a series of pretty unique events which lead us to this huge surplus this year so this will hopefully not be an issue. She also brought up an idea brought up at an Executive Board Meeting of giving this to Senior Week because tickets to those events can be so costly. E-Board disagreed with that idea because it would only affect a quarter of the College’s population and would only benefit the 2015 class rather than other seniors in coming years.
        • Godshall commented that there is something to be said for the fact that student life fees are paid every year with the understanding that they will be used for this year, noting that he is in favor of them being allocated this year.
        • Ren agreed with Godshall’s point that the student life fees should be used now. However, we need to consider that this is an additional burden for the governing boards to do this unexpectedly in the middle of the year. He also commented that if we do this during F@CU, this will become more institutionalized, Bozeman’s fear.
  • Bailinson summarized that there does seem a consensus that this money should be given to governing boards and that it should be allocated this year, not through an outside fund.
    • He also brought up the idea that since the first years have had issues with their fall formal that have been out of their control, they should receive a potion of this money.
    • Godshall suggested that the freshmen class council apply to JCCC because of their issues with the fall party. There was a general consensus that this was a good idea.


Rules Committee Discussion presented by Jared Oddesky, University Senator

  • Rules of University Conduct are being reviewed this year. This is the first time that they have been reviewed in decades.
  • In the 1970s, the University developed an independent arbitration process in which the student or faculty member (as the rules apply to everyone in the university) hires a lawyer, and there is an open trial. The other option is that the student prosecuted under a rules violation can go through Dean’s Discipline.
    • The argument against the independent arbitration process is that it can be costly for students. However, it is an open process in which students are allowed to present evidence and have witnesses.
    • Some of the concerns with Dean’s Discipline were discussed earlier in the meeting.
  • Ryan suggested that the point about this is that we want to have a vibrant campus that discusses issues on campus, and if the rules are not formed correctly, this could threaten free speech on campus
  • Godshall suggested that an internal process is inherently more dangerous than an external on.
  • Pradham asked if there were any provisions in the external process to have probono lawyers
    • Singh brought up that some of the new rules in the Sexual Assault Adjudication process are that students can be represented by a probono lawyer, a law school professor or a law student and that something similar is possible for this external process.
  • Odessky also noted that the university, realizing the high costs associated with the external process, changed the rules so that if you go under an external process, your sanctioning options are limited to not guilty, suspension or expulsion
  • Abby Porter, VP Communications brought up a 1992 case in which students were protesting outside of one of the set of doors going into Hamilton Hall. They were only standing outside one of the doors so that students could still enter the building and go to class, but, because they went through the external adjudication process, they were suspended for a year because they were found guilty.
  • Ren noted that it is important for students to get involved in opportunities when they have a chance to speak out about these issues, so everyone should go to the Town Hall on Friday from 4:00-6:00 in Havermeyer 309.
  • Odessky has been on council for four years and to him, this is the most important change in the community since he has been here
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Bagelpalooza Mon, 06 Oct 2014 06:33:10 +0000 Hosted by CCSC Campus Life Committee, Bagelpalooza brings FREE bagels, coffee, and tea directly to your dorm’s lobby to make your day a little brighter. From 9AM-12PM or UNTIL BAGELS RUN OUT, drop by one of these days to grab some breakfast! 

Now with cup lids and pre-cut bagels!

Tuesday, Sept. 23 – Carman
Monday, Oct. 6 – John Jay
Tuesday, Oct. 21 – Schapiro
Wednesday, Nov. 5 – EC/Wien
Tuesday, Nov 18 – McBain
Monday, Dec. 1 – Broadway/Hogan

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Meeting Recap 10-5-14 Mon, 06 Oct 2014 06:28:26 +0000 Visit from Dean Monique Rinere

  • Purpose was to discuss the new medical leave policy
  • When she came to Columbia, the medical leave policy seemed to conflict with practice. The Mental Health Taskforce brought this issue up this past spring semester, and in mid to late August, Dean Rinere sent an email to the student body detailing the changes to the medical leave policy
  • Changes
    • CC students can now take a leave from anywhere from one semester to four semesters
    • Moved back the readmission due date for the spring semester from October 1st to November 1st
    • All instances of leave have to be accompanied by an assessment from a health practitioner regarding the appropriate time to take off
    • Dean Rinere has individually reached out to students returning from medical leave to make sure that they are successfully reentering the community
  • CCSC members then asked questions regarding the new medical leave policy and advising in general, and Dean Rinere talked about current programs that CSA is working on
    • Are there any differences in the leave policies of the other undergraduate schools?
      • The GS policy aligns with CC but CSA does not look over GS so they cannot have ultimate control over the process
      • The Engineering School is different because they have so many sequential courses that it may not be possible for them to take only a one semester leave of absence. However, advising will work with students as much as possible to allow them to take the appropriate length of absence.
    • Who decides the appeals for medical leave?
      • The deans
    • ARISE: Academic Resources in Support of Excellence
      • Revamped tutoring offerings
      • Much bigger focus on helping students find research positions with faculty
      • Academic skill-assistance
    • Peer Advising programs that CSA has
      • An example she gave was a tutoring program for Professor Mowshowitz’s biology class. They are about four weeks into this support course.
    • How is CSA working with students who are the first in their family to attend college?
      • First in Family Peer Mentoring
        • Outreach that they were doing for first-generation students
        • They currently have a First in Family event, are starting a mentoring program and will have an event to connect first-generation students with alumni
    • CSA is working on connecting students with research opportunities
      • Might be useful to have students attend workshops on how to approach faculty for research positions
    • What kind of Pre-Law and Pre-Med advising is there?
      • Have students in the peer advising program
    • Are there talks about having more advisors who specialize in the sciences?
      • It is difficult to attract scientists to advising and also difficult to retain them
    • What kind of resources are there for transfer students and students in the combined plan?
      • Peer connector program
    • What kinds of opportunities are there for research in the social sciences?
      • Best resource is the Directors of Undergraduate Studies of the department—every student should meet with them
    • How much collaboration does CSA do with CCE?
      • In touch probably everyday—do a lot of programs together


  • 2015 Class Council
    • Second Lerner Pub was successful. There was a mug giveaway this time around.
    • Oktoberfest event next Saturday on the bridge over Amsterdam
    • Still continuing Senior Sweater sales
  • 2016 Class Council
    • Launching apparel on Thursday
    • To help with the distribution of apparel, they are having a joint event with Feel Good CU
    • Anne Scotti, VP 2016 Class Council has been working on the boat formal planning. It will be right after Spring Break.
  • 2017 Class Council
    • Introduced Ravi Sinha, the new treasurer for Class of 2017.
    • Will be launching apparel this week
    • Adanma Raymond, VP 2017 Class Council will be taking point on a mid-November relaxation event.
    • Marshall Bozeman, 2017 Class Council Representative and Sean Ryan, 2017 Class Council President will be meeting with CCE and CSA to nail down details for the first major discovery series. Will be a mixer-type event for sophomores to mingle with upperclassmen.
  • 2018 Class Council
    • Will be deciding on appointed council soon
    • Planning first party for the Lerner Party Space
    • Halloween TV episodes screening on the lawn event coming up
  • Policy Committee
    • Emergency funding for AD/LD testing is going to happen. Sejal Singh, VP Policy, Ramis Wadood, University Senator, and Grayson Warrick, Academic Affairs Representative worked on this fairly extensively.
    • The Mental Health Taskforce has an Open Forum this Thursday, October 8
      • They also launched a survey to deal with identity concerns about CPS
  • Communications Committee
    • Navigate Columbia work is continuing
    • Will continue to monitor WTF Columbia and will be starting a marketing campaign for it soon
    • Will be polling students about the use of space in Lerner
  • President
    • Meeting with Todd Smith-Bergollo
      • Peter discussed the student life fees. They went over some of the data with it and discovered that there were steady $6 increases in it which abruptly stopped a few years back. With the governing boards increasing the recognized student groups, they need more money to give out.
    • Executive Board met with FLIP (First-Generation Low Income Partnership) today
      • Looked at policy changes which can improve the lives of their general body members
  • Finance Committee
    • Put together guidelines and limits for the Student Project Grants. Also, streamlined the guidelines that accompany the SPGs. Will have the application ready and will be publicizing next week.
    • Capital Investment Fund: application has been out for two weeks. There is funding available but no one has applied.
    • President and Provost fund: President and Provost give money to UEM to give out to student groups. This fund will be opening soon.
  • Campus Life
    • Precalendaring starts October 20
    • Anne Scotti: Bagelpalooza in John Jay tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.
    • November 6: Basketballmania
    • Met with Ferris Reel this week and are cosponsoring two movie screenings so far. One is October 26 and the other is November 2 (during fall break).
    • Homecoming is October 25th
      • October 18th: screening away game in Lerner
      • October 24th: pep rally
    • Projects being worked on with archives and alumni

WTF Columbia Discussion

  • VP Communications, Abby Porter, gave guidelines to the general body about how WTF Columbia issues would be processed
  • A change from past years is that now the entire general body will be working on WTF Columbia issues so that the issues can be processed more quickly and with more participation from various members of council
  • This will be done through a Google Spreadsheet sent out each week
  • Publicity about the website WTF Columbia will be happening through the Communications Committee in the coming weeks

Bylaws Changes

  • First change is a change to the CCSC Financing Guidelines
    • Formalized process for class councils and campus life to apply for funding. This is what CCSC has been doing in practice, and now it is finalized.
    • Vote Yay: 32-0-0
  • Second change is about the appointment process of individuals to the Academic Committees
    • Some minor language changes
    • Another change is to the way that the subcommittee is selected to review the submitted applications
    • Another change is to codify something that has been happening for a while which is that the Academic Affairs Representative has been sitting on the Committee on the Core and the Committee on Science Instruction.
    • Last change is regarding the way in which the candidates for the committees will be selected. There will be a subcommittee that selects candidates for the committees in the spring. These candidates will then present in front of general body who will vote on the individuals who will sit on the seats, as well as an alternate if there are scheduling conflicts in the spring. If there are scheduling conflicts in the fall for the alternate as well, there will be a subcommittee which will convene to appoint a new person to sit on the committees.
    • Vote Yay: 32-0-0
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Conversation with Dede Gardner Mon, 29 Sep 2014 08:07:17 +0000 The Columbia College Alumni Association is putting on a conversation with Dede Gardner CC’90, President of Plan B Entertainment and producer of the Academy Award Winning Best Picture 12 Years a Slave. Dede joins us for a personal conversation on her work and career. Students and alumni both are welcome.

October 2, 2014- 6-7 p.m.
Maison Francaise, Morningside Campus

Registration Link:

Facebook Event:

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Rob the Mob Screening Mon, 29 Sep 2014 07:59:36 +0000 The Columbia College Alumni Association partners with the 2015 Class Council to bring a student-alumni film screening of Isabel Teitler’s CC’09 new film, Rob the Mob.

Tuesday, September 30
Cinema, Alfred Lerner Hall
2920 Broadway, 2nd Fl
6:30 p.m. // Doors open
7:00–8:45 p.m. // Screening
9:00–9:30 p.m. // Q&A with Isabel Teitler CC’09
Register by Friday, September 26, 3 p.m. EST

Registration Link:

Facebook Event:

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